possets samplerAs you know, each collection at Possets gets a survey toward the end, and you get to vote on the top 3 Possets of the season. Those 3 are sent to the Permanent Collection and I can then make samples of them to buy or request as freebies with your orders. I just got the samples back from the Summer of Elegance Collection. You can now get Summer (Mucha), Landscape in Suffolk, and Seascape in trial sizes.

  • Summer (Mucha) is the perfect floral for flower haters. It boasts carnation, fern, and sandalwood.
  • Landscape in Suffolk is a pure fougere, the scent of ferns. I have grown the scented fern and it is a marvel. Once a classic in perfumery, bringing it back with a modern twist was a wise idea.
  • Seascape was the surprise of the summer collection. Possets is known for its super popular foodie perfumes but Seascape (and aquatic) took over the summer of 2015. On a base of aquatic note, I floated coconut and cannabis (yes, cannabis) and a couple of other secret ingredients and it was incredibly popular.

So, come to Possets and explore our Halloween Collection. Reviews are coming in and they are VERY positive. We have all been waiting for the crisp weather which signals time for heavy perfumes again. As one happy customer put it about Dancing With the Sprites In The Fall Rain, “Fabienne has absolutely nailed being outdoors in autumn with this…a place where leaves turn and fall and fires are lit and the air turns crisp. Very much the smell of dead leaves and cool air in a bottle, with the barest possible suggestion of sweetness to remind you that it’s a perfume, after all.” See for yourself.

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