The eye of Horus is upon you.Kohl is a powdered eyeliner which is applied at the waterline of the eye and coats the top and bottom of the waterline. It is most commonly seen in black but there are other colors available. It has been used since the time of the pharaohs in Egypt to make the eyes appear large and bright, and to keep the sun from causing too much glare, like the first sunglasses.

Kohl is made out of a number of different things, but some will stay on your waterline more successfully than others. In the past, there have been kohls which are made from antimony, and that is a bad thing to put around your eye as it can contain minute amounts of lead. Most kohls nowadays are made from soot or straight pigment. You can even attempt to make kohl yourself, it’s not difficult.

Kohl has enjoyed a tremendous renaissance in the last few years because it’s just a great look and just about anyone can wear it successfully. However, as with most things, it is more attractive on some people than others. What are some of the facial characteristics that make kohl a good alternative for you? If you don’t have those features can you still wear kohl? Where do you buy it? How much is it? What do you need to use to put it on? What are the dangers of using kohl, even if the powder itself isn’t noxious? What safety features do you have to look out for? All those questions, and more will be answered in this series, including The Fix…the trick that lets anybody wear kohl successfully.

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