Ode to Aphrodite

Thursday 09 August, 2018

I got a free sample of this with my last Possets purchase. I was testing it out today because I was contemplating a fb.

This scent comes over more mainstream than niche. The opening is reminiscent of the lemonade/lavender vibe of Guerlain Habit Rouge and to a lesser extent Jicky. The midsection is magnificent lemony lotion. If I could find a bottle of lotion that smells like this, I'd be on it in two seconds. The real glory of this is in the dry down. Warm, salty, human. The oakmoss and ambergris in this are truly amazing.

This is a beautifully made perfume with exceptional longevity. I would STRONGLY recommend this to people who are looking for a classy scent that performs well on a hot day.

Testimonial By: Reddit Review