A New Client's Thoughts

Sunday 10 July, 2016

These fragrances are amazing and beautiful and sensual. I'd been looking at the site for months before I placed my order, making a list of what I wanted to sample (and it's a long list). I thoroughly enjoyed your description of the scent profiles and, as someone with a degree in the History of Art and Architecture, I love all the artwork accompanying the fragrance profiles.

Your recommendation of "Midnight Mass" was spot on. That scent evoked so many positive, happy memories of my childhood church (specifically, Christmas time). It kinda made me tear up for a second because my childhood church is no longer in existence and I'd just found that out not too long before I received the fragrance. But I still smiled! And I'll definitely order it in a full size in the future. In a wonderful "contradiction", Besarabian Whorehouse is my favorite of the fragrances so far. :-P

...The passion and dedication you have for your art is undeniably present in every bit of your product, from the site to the fragrances themselves.

Oh, you're going to be getting so many orders from me!
Testimonial By: Happy Customer