A New Customer's Surprise

Saturday 05 March, 2016

A New Customer's Surprise

This summer I decided to buy some decants... I know Possets is well known for vanilla/foody scents, so I was very skeptical... I'm more of a green/aquatic/air scents kind of person.

After receiving my decants, I was completely blown away. I was still still skeptical, because it was too good to be true. The scents were just soooooooo good, very evocative and unique. The quality was mind blowing.

I have placed a couple of small orders since then, most of them consisting of vanilla scents. I'm honestly not a fan of vanilla, but Possets vanillas are definitely the best I've tried.
...I just wanted to say that I wish Possets green and aquatic scents were more well known!

My favourite from the spring collection is Miss Chudleigh. It smells so amazing...

Thank you SO much for sharing your creativity with the rest of the world. Your perfume makes me so happy.
Testimonial By: Satisfied Customer