Empress Cixi Perfume Oil

Empress Cixi Perfume Oil

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Known as "The Last Emperess of China" she started her life as one of the concubines to the emperor. After giving birth to a son she rose in power as the Emperor died. She was the ruler of China and banned foot binding of women, a practice which caused untold misery among her subjects. She is credited with setting the stage for a constitutional monarchy. She was widely hated among powerful men but was a remarkable woman who held her country together in hard times.

So, how would you paint a portrait of a woman like that in perfume? I chose an extreme of Dragon's Blood, but not just any kind of Dragon's Blood: a dark blonde sandalwood, Chinese incense, tarry myrrh, "white" amber, and a very dry vanilla. It's quite a recipe and goes on your skin as a subtle veil of scent but persists and commands in ways others really don't expect, and does it delightfully.

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