Let’s say you inherited your dear Aunt Mahidabelle’s favorite vintage pen and it’s a lever filler (like the one pictured above). You dunk the nib of the pen in ink, pull out the lever, let it snap back, take out the pen and that is how you fill it with ink. Unfortunately, it does not write for very long because it just doesn’t hold much ink. So you get frustrated and put it back in its box because you don’t need a pen that only writes for one page.

But wait! You actually haven’t filled the pen to its capacity. There is a trick to filling a lever filling vintage pen to its capacity and you will be amazed at how much more ink it holds than you think it does. Here’s how:

  1. Immerse the nib in ink up to the very beginning of the grip so you are sure to have the filling hole submerged.
  2. Pull the lever forward and let the pen sit there in ink for one second.
  3. Repeat the second step above 9 times.
  4. Allow the pen to sit in the ink (after you have pumped it 10 times total) for 10 full seconds.
  5. Done!

Now your pen will hold four to five times more ink than it ever did in the past. It will astound you by how long it will write for you. At this point you should be careful of the ink color you choose, you will be writing with it for a looooong time!

This piece of advice was kindly given to me by Mauricio Aguilar at www.vintagepen.net who specializes in beautiful old fashioned pens expertly restored and some modern hybrids of his own invention.

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