Today the sun is going to beat down like a drum in the afternoon. We have been suffering from heat and dryness. There are crumpled leaves from my poplar tree all over the yard, they look like crumpled tissues. Everything is so sick of the relentless sun banging down on them. However, we are promised thunderstorms in the afternoon and cooler temps in a front which is going to help us out for the rest of next week. Hooray!

Of course, my husband and I are going walking in the morning and then I am off to the Possetorium in the afternoon. I have a lot to do and to learn as I am always getting something new going to make Possets a better place. Like, a good dose of Dark Matter! I might have to release a chapter with only one oil featured (because I am on jury duty and to do otherwise is just too much) BUT it is a bit of good fun in the middle of a heatwave. Be on the lookout!

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