I am indeed home again, and will be heading for the Possetorium soon and commence to shipping. With my super efficient set up in place, I should be through all of my orders by Sunday. Everything should be put in the mail by Monday morning. How’s that for a promise, bet I can make good on it, watch me.

While on the road, I have prepared quite a few treats and goodies for you and I think you will like them a lot. Not the least is Chapter 2 of Dark Matter. Wow, is that one a sizzler. A real roller coaster ride. When oh when is it coming out? Well, you better be sure that you signed up for the Newsletter, because that is going to be your best warning for the next installment. How can you sign up? Easy, go to the front page of www.possets.com and scroll down to the place where it says,”Join Our Mailing List”, and join.

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