As some of you might know, we are going to Egypt for our Summer 2012 Possets Collection. So, in honor of that event, there will be a new blog series (which ties into the Podcasts and YouTubes) on subjects about Egypt. One of everyone’s favorite part of Egypt lore is the kohl rimming of the eyes. Last year I went on a tear and tried to make kohl myself, learn how to put it on, what were the pitfalls, the benefits, the best brands, the best colors, and more. So, get ready for a rocking summer at Possets!

Oh don’t forget, there will be many many more perfumes coming up for summer. This year expect to see that rare thing, the summer oriental with its perfect balance among spice, musk, and resin. Florals of rare dimension, foodies hearkening back to the days of the Pharaohs and more.

Want to get started? Here is an EXCELLENT story of Egypt written by a great author, Norman Mailer. It is called Ancient Evenings and makes that period of Egypt come alive. Highly recommended.

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