Possets is wishing you all a great happy long weekend, American Possetiers. I am going to be doing the usual, hanging bunting from my front porch, making treats for the weekend feast. Yes, I am going to be watching the Indy 500, always the Show of Shows. Peonies are blooming and the beer is chilling in the ‘fridge. So, have a good time and welcome the summer.

In the US, it is the unofficial beginning of summer. Technically spring lasts until June 21st BUT really the fun starts now. So, for all the Possetiers who don’t live in the US, this is the truth. I am sure you have something similar.

I kind of consider this the twilight zone between spring and summer. Tuesday is when it really starts for me, the heat and excitement. The leaves have turned mature green, no more tender and overcast April chartreuse. I think that is the only thing I really miss, that wonderful spring green.

So, I hope you have a grand weekend and arrive at Tuesday as bright eyed and ready to tackle a long happy summer.

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