button2As I was thinking about what to use as my main lead-in concept for the Halloween Collection, and you might remember that I had chosen a Goya print called “The Sleep Of Reason Produces Monsters”, one of my clients on the Possets forum said, “Why not feature monsters on the next collection?” She gave a lot of examples of famous monsters from around the world and I thought that must have been a wonderful coincidence. So, I am playing with that concept and having a ball. It felt so right that the perfumes are coming along at a very fast rate and the images are just perfect! When  it all comes together, it is a wonderful thing.

I have also found a number of new ingredients and the theme is charging my imagination like crazy. Not all of the collection will be about international monsters, there are some things which I resolved to do months ago, and I have completed them and they are fabulous.

Also, the favorites from years gone by, and classics for Halloween, will be in the line up: Halloween and Ghost Fart. More later on the new collection. When will it come out? What sorts of new ingredients are in store for us? How about the labels? Stay tuned and find out.

In the meantime, take a trip over to Possets Perfume which is celebrating the last few days of the Summer of Elegance Collection which boasts glorious florals, light resins, and that surprisingly popular beauty which captured a lot of hearts, Seascapes; one of my best aquatics. www.possets.com is the address, or click this paragraph.


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