Stormy GreyWhen you get your invoice from Possets, you will probably get a note on it written with the latest in my collection of inks. This one is from the French firm of J. Herbin and it is a special anniversary ink called Stormy Grey. The base color of the ink is a very attractive mid-grey but the sheen in it is all gold. On some papers it looks like I have written it with gold ink. On the invoice paper, I think you have to tip the paper to see the sparkle, but it is there. One fun thing for Halloween.

On each invoice I send out, I try to write a little note thanking you for your purchase and signing it. It takes a little longer but it reflects the way I feel toward my clients and Possets in general. I have a red J. Herbin sparkle ink as well and I think I am going to use that one for the Yules!

This blog is brought to you by Possets Perfume which is featuring The Halloween 2014 Collection now: Haunting Music. Finally the season for deep resinous and spicy fragrances is on us. Visit Possets and be seduced by this sinuous collection of irresistible perfumes.


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