Today I reached my goal of losing 25 lbs. It took me 5.5 months and really wasn’t that painful at all. I used an old fashioned idea: eat less and move more. To the end of fulfilling my visceral need for electronics and gadgets, I used a Polar FT4 heart rate monitor (HRM), and LoseIt which is a free app on my phone. The latter is one of the best tools I have ever used and all it really does is allow you to track your weight, calories in, the calories you use during your exercise and during the day just living. They tell you how many calories you get to eat all day to lose weight at the rate you choose (1/2-2 lbs/week). I also have a gym membership, an elecronic bathroom scale and that is it.

I gained 25 lbs over about 4 years. I have dieted with some success but have not gotten down to my present weight for quite a while. Now my goal is to stay there and I am going to be using LoseIt to do that because it even adjusts up for maintaining weight once you get to your goal.

I am not sponsored by LoseIt, I am saying this without any compensation at all. If you are interested in it, you can look at on your computer and get the whole story. I highly recommend it as a real, inexpensive way to lose weight which relies on you and common sense.

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