Ohio Alleycat Resource (OAR) is a great group of people who care for and find homes for scores of feral and abandoned cats. They really work hard to that end. Every year I make up at least 12 perfumes in honor of long term residents of OAR. When one of the cats is adopted, I bring back their honorary perfume for about 2 weeks and then retire it forever. I also bring out a special perfume called Forever Home to go with it. Forever Home only appears when a cat is adopted.



This time Gabby found her forever home and now her perfume is taking its last canter around the track and will be put away in honor of the event. Gabby is a very sweet, honey-like fragrance which lasts a long time and was a runaway favorite when it was introduced two or so Halloweens ago on Possets. And don’t forget Forever Home, too. The fragrance of baking sugar buns, tea, and major comfort…it’s what every cat should have in their life, and every good cat owner, too. Both of these will be available until about June 12th. Gabby will not appear again unless I decide to have another Retour (which is a special event where every perfume I have ever made reappears for a specified time, this is a rare event though).


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