VigorThe other day, a normally sensible person solemnly told me that if I developed good strong muscles I had to work out for the rest of my life because if you stop working out muscle turns to fat.

Really? No, it does not work that way. Not.

Here is what happens in real life: if you develop muscles they remain as muscles. If you stopped working out, the muscles would atrophy and get smaller and flabbier. You would not magically develop fat in place of the muscles.

If you work out and you stop working out but you continue to eat as much as you did when you were working out, the extra calories you took in would magically turn into fat. Fat comes from too much food.

Exercise does not cause fat to accumulate about your body. Muscles do not magically turn into fat. Fat does not turn into muscle.

Oh, and muscle weighs more than fat but fat accumulates more easily. So if part of you seems to be growing and the scale is inching up, think “fat” first until you prove to yourself it’s muscle.

Now you know. One myth busted.

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