Fitness drinks? Ha ha ha!

We are constantly pelted with the latest miracle sports drink. There are protein powders which promise to pump you up with no work on your part, just drink and be strong. Then there are refreshing drinks which are filled with energy and wetter than water.

Poo! Most of this stuff is swill. There, I said that. Here is the truth: protein powder on its own won’t do a thing for you and watch those calories! You have to put in the gym time and make sure you are not taking in more calories than you are expending in your workout. Mixing protein powders with milk will add the calories up along with the protein. Mixing with water is pretty awful. Personally, I prefer to eat protein rich foods and leave the high priced protein/whey/magic powders on the shelf. So far that has been a good strategy for me, and I am a richer woman for that, too.

Next, any “energy” drink must be regarded with a jaundiced eye. The energy comes from massive amounts of sugar/high fructose corn syrup/or any other euphemism for sugar you care to name. You don’t need sugar. It does give you a temporary and weak energy boost BUT it is high in calories and will go straight to fat if you don’t burn it off. There is no getting around it, that is where it goes. Alas, you know that but you don’t want to think about it, do you? Sorry, deal with the facts and you won’t have to deal with the fat.

Energy drinks also add a lot of caffeine as well. I would rather get mine from a cup of coffee. I deeply mistrust the amount of caffeine in energy drinks, and since it’s so cheap to put into things, it’s another cheap money maker for them. Too expensive for what you get and, I will say it, laced with sugar and therefore fattening.

Oh, and the “low calorie” energy drinks? They rely only on the caffeine and contain artificial sweeteners. They are usually horribly sweet, in the fake way of fake sweeteners. Dump them, they are not good for you. Water is many times better!

You need to hydrate in the gym. Just concentrate on keeping yourself watered up and you will be just fine. You will also have to buy and carry around less stuff, which is a good thing. There is no quick fix and your body is one place where all the input is flawlessly tallied up, as is the output and you get to live it. So, just hit the water hard, leave the processed drinks alone and I know you will be better off.

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