Finally out of duty for the day. I have to go right home and spend the rest of the day doing something I swore I would do. Then back into jury duty tomorrow BUT that is promised to be a short day. So, I will have a bit of time to do my Possety duties.

Only one more long jury duty day, that is Thursday, and then I am off earlier and things are going to be approaching normal again. Whew!

I cannot talk about the specifics of what I am doing BUT I will say that if anyone out there has a chance to serve on a jury, it is really a great experience. If you are in the US it is quite an eye opener about how things are done and my experience makes me much prouder of the system we have regardless of any flaws. The flaws are small but the good it does is huge. I also have a much higher opinion of my fellow Americans, too. The work we have done as a group on a jury was excellent. Everyone is taking it very seriously and the result is very good indeed.

Finally, I think that being on a jury makes you understand yourself a lot better. You are asking yourself to divorce your heart and your head and it can be done.

Great experience.

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