Downtown Cincinnati with courthouse on the right.
Here is a nice shot of Downtown Cincinnati I took this a.m. On the left is the Hamilton County jail. There is a skywalk between the jail and the courthouse. Courthouse is on the right. Take a look about in the middle of the image, there is the tallest building in Cincinnati, though from the perspective it looks short. It has a “crown” on it. Would look right at home in Dubai.

It was a beautiful morning and I promised myself I would take a picture of how things looked as I scurried off to do my last day on jury duty. It has been a very good two weeks full of learning new things, thinking and questioning yourself. We worked very well together, the whole jury, and I have to say that I understand so much more now about the American system of justice and how things are done, than I did at the beginning of the experience. I would highly recommend serving on a jury to anyone in the US who has never done it before.

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