One by one I have been making up, testing and producing fragrances to go along with the next theme at Possets, Canterbury Tales. This is a book of stories written by Geoffery Chaucer about a group of pilgrims who are going to Canterbury Cathedral to pray at the tomb of St. Thomas of Beckett. That saint was marytered by his friend, King Henry II of England who was famous for marrying Elinor of Aquitaine (and fathering Richard the Lionhearted and Bad King John), and for exclaiming, “Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?” He appointed Thomas as Archbishop in order to get a rubber stamp approval for everything he did. He would carouse with Thomas in the latter’s pre-prelate days, but Thomas developed a conscience after ordination and started to oppose Henry’s plans. The King then dispatched a small group of men who fell upon Beckett as he was saying mass, and killed him in a savage way (sliced off the top of his head with a broad sword as the tale is told). Henry was overcome with remorse and did penance for killing his friend, and Canterbury (where Thomas was marytered) went on to be the most popular and visited shrine in England.

If you want to learn more, in a painless way, rent Becket with Richard Burton. Great play put to movie.

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