Rolling my eyes at you!Now that you know you can line your eyes with your eyeshadow as well as with kohl, let’s take a look at some of neat tricks you can do with waterline in colors other than black.

I love to use contrast in waterlining. If someone has blue eyes, orange would be the contrasting color to use BUT not too many people really want to go around with orange rimmed eyes. To push and beautify blue eyes you would need orange so what can you do? The answer is simple. Did you know that brown is just dark orange? It is, So if you have blue eyes and you want to line your lids in the complimentary color, use brown!

If your eyes are green, then red is the compliment. Again, you might not want to go around with red eyes, so choose a dark brown or burgundy for the waterline. This should do wonders for your eye color. Same holds true with hazel eyes, try burgundy and see the green get highlighted.

But what about the brown eyed girls? If brown is just dark orange, shouldn’t blue be the compliment? Yes, it is, so try lining your waterline with a nice smokey blue and watch the result. At the same time, give purple a try. Sometimes brown eyes are closer to an orange hue and will respond better to blue liner, sometimes they are really closer to the golden family and respond to purple and plum more than blues. You have to experiment because brown eyes are a lot more subtle than you might think, there is real mystery in their depths!

That fix I told you about is a wonderful tool to play with. Just make sure you do the patch test first and watch how long they last, you might have to be sure to take some tools along with you to work or play because you may have to touch up a bit more frequently than with a classic kohl.

Have fun!

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