Well, what can you expect from the end of March? The chill returns and the sky becomes overcast but that all makes the flowers grow so you can’t be too upset, right? I can now see the green “haze” around the bushes under the trees on the way to work, and I can also clearly see the little leaves emerging . No more winter! I am still thrilled. We are besieged with robins, they are surrounding us and hopping about looking oh-so-serious before stopping with their wings firmly behind their back, cocking their heads and listening for the telltale sound of something scuffing away under the turf.

I just ordered several replacement plants for areas in the backyard where the deer have eaten up the nice plants. I found out the hard way that deer love hibiscus. We had some lovely ones with huge blossoms that attracted deer like a magnet. Now we have nothing but sticks.

I do have a secret weapon against deer eating things but I will save that for later. It’s environmentally correct, local, amusing, cheap and it works.

At the moment, my life is full of packing and shipping. I am heading out to the Possetorium to do my mailbag duty and get out parcels. Loads of Possets will be streaming out to their new homes and Mr. Mailman will be dropping by on Mon to take them away (thanks to the new mail system I have installed). So far, life is good. I hope that all of you have a very happy weekend. More later.

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