And busy as a bee! Yesterday it was pack and ship then break to pack and ship to bigg’s (got the packaging in that I was expecting). The trains glided by gracefully with that low humming rumble, snow threatened, my office was bright and cozy. Packers dropped in and we all went out for pizza after a good spate of work. Good times at a local pizza joint. Laughing and speculating about the new year.

Then it was back for a final hour of work and they left. I held down the fort until 6:30 and then had to go. Took my parcels to the Post Office and dumped them in the big bin. They won’t get to their destination by Christmas but they got as far as they could.

Somehow I felt so nostalgic yesterday I could almost conjure up the feeling of longing and sadness but with an appeal so sweet it was palpable. For some reason, that area by the river has the power to release my past and take me back to times when everything was possible. I feel like I am in my car waiting for my parents to come out of the restaurant and start chattering to me. Just like old times in Southern Maryland. A roadside restaurant, and overcast sky, a few carelessly decked Christmas ornaments, a river nearby, lots of traffic on an open rural road. All that was missing was an aluminum Christmas tree and a spinning color light under it.

Of course the time is gone, and so are my parents. There isn’t anything left of it but what I construct myself but that is the way it is for everyone I think. The remembrance of things past,and the examination of the love you had and they for you are all part of the end of the year, I think. Nostalgia is the only word I can grab, and I am fighting the tears when the packers come out of the restaurant and we all share a laugh, make it a snarky one to shoo away the urge to cry. Whether it’s Christmas or New Year or some other gathering up of memories, emotion brings all our pasts with it, the certainty it won’t come again no matter how long we wait for it, but the gratitude of being here now.

Merry Christmas to you all, at least a merry day to all of us tomorrow whether we celebrate or not. Thank you for coming along this past year. That makes me nostalgic already, it has been so much fun and so full of promise.

I have got to continue with Dark Matter on a regular basis! I miss Stewart and Isabella.

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