A well lined eye indeed.You have successfully mastered applying an eye pencil to your upper and lower waterline and now it’s time to move on to Big Girl kohl. You are going to line your waterline with powdered kohl. But which one, where can you get good kohl, how much is it, and is there anything else? Of course!

I am including my Excel Spread sheet on all the kinds of kohl I have bought over the last year, and there is a note on the homemade kohl I produced a year ago. If you click the link it will download to your computer.

Waterline Eyeliner Spreadsheet July 2012 Possets Perfume

I tested 8 different kohls over the course of the year. To me a good kohl should be smooth not grainy, easy to apply, “melt” into your waterline, stay on for a very long time, have minimal fallout, produce minimal “eye-boogers”, and be so black that you cannot imagine anything being blacker. Of couse I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it either.

In case you don’t want to download the spreadsheet, here is a brief rundown of what I found.

Homemade was fun but quickly turned tedious to make. It surprisingly was not the darkest or the longest lasting. It was 100% natural and very inexpensive. Fun to play with as your first kohl.

Sudi’s was very dark and “melted” into my waterline. It stayed on for a fairly long time but was not the endurance champ I had hoped. It was the most expensive of them all. Comes in a lip gloss applicator with a pointed plastic stick for application of the kohl.

Guerlain was not super dark but came in a package that made it very easy to apply. The wand was blunt on the end which gave me a better feeling about putting it close to my eye. Very expensive and not in production any more, as I understand. Try looking it up on amazon.com.

L’Oreal can be bought over Amazon.com and is surprisingly good for the cheap price. However, the wand in the package bends almost instantly and becomes useless for applying the product. Pretty enduring but won’t win any prizes. Comes in some exciting colors including gold and burgundy.

Ageless Artiface is VERY dark black and comes in a small vial with a screw on cap. Nice assortment of applicators come with it. It is quite durable (not the champ but respectable). It is the most grainy feeling though. I give this a B or B+. Comes in brown as well. She sells a nice array of old fashioned cosmetics and beauty aids.

Moroccan Selection feels pretty authentic. Comes in a cute glass vial with a cork top and a cute but not so good applicator. This stuff really stays on your waterline well. Dark black and “melts” into your eyelid. I found Moroccan Selection by Googling “kohl” and they have some great Moroccan argan oil products, too.

Mosha Katani is very very dark black and very very durable. Lasts the longest of any of the brands. Comes with no applicator but a practical practical short wide eyeshadow-like container that won’t tip over easily. Inexpensive. Comes in: black, navy, and brown. Many thanks to Shannon O’Leary for telling me about Mosha Katani.

So look through the list and pick out what appeals to you. They each had their good points and not one of them proved to be irritating. Each one was easy to get.

I have also made a perfume called “Kohl”! Come over and investigate it at my website www.possets.com.

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