MedusaWell, one of my favorite perfumes, Virginia-Humidity, is going to have to be reformulated. Drat. Here is what happened: I was mixing up another batch and didn’t realize that I didn’t have enough of one key ingredient to finish the batch. As I was almost done I realized I was short only 6ml of that key ingredient. I had everything together but that. So, I look up the ingredient on the vendor’s website and I am sad to see that they don’t sell it anymore. I call them and, yes, it has been discontinued. After a long conference with them, they persuaded me to try another ingredient which was even better in their opinion, it actually had knocked off the previous ingredient because it was such a hit in that category. I got my sample today and I must admit that it is amazing. So, I am going to finish this batch of Virginia with the new ingredient (which should have a slight influence on the batch, but I would say slight). Then next time I make it, I will use the new ingredient.

The current Virginia is now labeled Rev. 1, and the next batch will be labeled Rev. 2. I do not have any samples of Rev 1 now and won’t have for weeks probably. I don’t think you would know that anything changed unless I told you. I will also tell you when I do get new samples.

In the meantime, if you MUST have the old Virginia (or you will die on the spot) I have samples of it. About 7 samples would make a full 6ml for sure (these are handmade and so I err on the safe side when I say how much is in each vial). I hope that is not too confusing.

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