I think there really is a movement by the food companies to put more and more calories in everything, it doesn’t “just happen”. Case in point, my husband and I loved the Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom ice cream bar as an after dinner treat. They were big and only have 60 calories a piece! That was our end of the day reward.

Then, they stopped being stocked in stores in my city. They were replaced by the Blue Bunny raspberry swirl bar which was half chocolate dipped and only 70 calories. OK, that in only 10 more calories and it really was great. Of course, they disappeared from stores about a year later, and in their place is the 80 calorie store brand ice cream bar which looks like the original ice cream bar.

Wait a minute, we have gone up 20 calories after two iterations here. What is up with that? The price has inched up, too. There are alternatives, but EVERY one of them is more than 80 calories per serving. Weight Watchers and Skinny Cow don’t seem to offer much under 100 calories, and nothing like 60 calories. So I am being frog walked up the calorie ladder.

I guess they think I will figure that what’s 10 calories…what’s 20 calories more? Right. Wrong. Look, if you want to gain weight, all you have to do is overeat just by a little bit over time. That will add up and you don’t lose weight by eating more calories.

Grrrr, so what did I do? I got a box of blueberries and a container of Fage Greek Yogurt and am going to eat that (in 60 calorie portions) as an after dinner treat.

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