IsabellaBronte Bistro has turned into our default Sunday Brunch place. It can get busy, it’s convenient, and the food is good. The price is reasonable. The coffee is spectacular. The Salads are fresh and they put a lot of effort into coming up with new things for the inveterate dieter and weight watcher. They also have some lovely offerings for those who are not on a perpetual diet.

This Sunday I had the Mediterranean wrap. It came in a whole wheat-ish wrap with lots of spinach, ripe olives, fresh feta and hummus/bulgar pilaf. Very tasty. Not soaring in calories. The menu says it comes with aoli but so far I have not seen any evidence of it whether or not I asked for it to be omitted. The only odd part is the mass of tortilla chips which come along the side. What have they got to do with the Middle East? Well…I guess they could not think of something more suitable. Maybe a nice fruit cup, regular potato chips (kettle cooked with black pepper) or something. It isn’t a deal breaker, just an anomaly.

My husband loved his quiche. It was a very well done vegetable quiche with cheddar cheese. Though it was not the orthodox sort of quiche, it was very good indeed. The crust was not soggy, and the accompaniments were delicious fruit and greens.

Every time I go to Bronte I am pleased with what I get. It’s never super memorable and won’t make 16 stars in the Michelin Guide, but it is always very good, good enough to look forward to. It’s a great date spot because you are going to be more interested in your company than the food, or if you are an old couple it’s great because you won’t get any surprises. The service is always good and there is the fun of the bookstore after to pick up a coveted tome which has been touted by the NY Times and there are the “gifts” as well which are very nice indeed (soaps and Vera Bradley totes, funny tee shirts, and an excellent selection of stationary for those of us who still put pen to paper).

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