The ingredient I was waiting for was totally different than the one they first sent me. Of course it was Friday when they did that. So, I am going to be calling them on Monday. I have very little confidence in these folks now and hate to have to do this but I am pulling The Hypnotic Draught and declaring it retired.

For some reason that just gives me the willies. I have really tried to be consistent to my customers, so that if I say I will sell them X, X is going to smell the same every time. If it doesn’t, then I can’t expect anyone to trust me.

There have been times when I have reformulated blends, but that is Very rare. I tell people that up front and label it clearly. So far I have been lucky to be able to get the ingredients I want, but this time I got sold something different from what I was originally sold and so I have a hard time believing in what I am going to get next, if you follow me.

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