The Ghosts In You

ImageThis time of year you might be out performing seasonal Ouija rituals or carving pumpkins or putting together a clever costume. Whatever you’re doing… beware… you’re being followed by ghosts everywhere you go. They are within you. They are a part of you. They are—right behind you even as you read this!

Don’t expect to see a floating white sheet. These ghosts I’m referring to are your memories, some of them hauntingly unpleasant, some of them challengingly influential, some of them sweet and welcome. Want to get in touch with a memory? You can look at photos, read old letters or journals, or experience that ethereal one of the five senses we’re all here to applaud.

Everyone has experienced just how much scent can bring us back to a certain place or time. Smelling the right thing can be like conjuring a dream in the middle of the day. There’s no doubt that smell is a stronger trigger for emotional memories than vision or touch.

Scientists have conducted numerous tests exploring how smell is related to memories and emotions. Our brains are engineered in a way that connects these things to scent more than other senses. We experience smell through the olfactory bulb which directly connects to areas in the brain that are linked to memory and emotion. Signals from sight, sound, and touch, on the other hand, do not pass through these areas. (You can read more on this study and others linking smell to memory here.)

There have been plenty of times I’ve been taken by surprise by memories—sometimes ambiguous, sometimes specific—that arise from a vaguely familiar smell. There’s an artificial berry scent in some chap-sticks out there that take me back to playing in the basement with my sister when I was five. I didn’t even realize that memory existed, couldn’t have described the basement, until I caught a whiff of that smell somewhere. There must be dozens of other ghosts of memories hiding in me, waiting to be remembered…

Maybe sometimes the memories are brought to us through smell by ghosts themselves. Or maybe what we smell is something left behind by those who are no longer with us, as a way for those who have passed to make themselves known again. After all, the dead must like their scents, too.

Paranormal themed websites across the internet share stories of scents with no apparent source. On website comments and forums you’ll find people sharing stories of floral scents at graves with no flowers to be found anywhere, stories of sulfur scented demons, stories of smelling a late relative’s cologne out of nowhere, and plenty of blog posts attempting to explain it. This article on lists several specific cases in which people seemed to perceive the paranormal through smell. Could it be that the ghosts still wear their signature scents in the afterlife?

I think the link between scent and the abstract, ethereal realms is fascinating, so I would love to hear bout your smell-memory links, or any time you’ve sensed something paranormal through scent!

Until then—if you’re looking, I hope you find your ghost… before it finds you! 0_o

By Katrina Eresman

Coming Blog Post

sample6blackI am going to be writing a very difficult blog post about one of my most deeply felt points in perfumery. I hope you tune in for this. I recently bought a bottle of Or Noir by Pascal Morabito and realized something quite profound. It didn’t make me happy but it certainly sobered me up. So, stay tuned. The piece does have something in it for everyone.

Fondly, Fabienne from Possets Perfume

The New Slider On My Blog

Now you can enjoy a slide show on my blog! Here is a nifty exhibition of the latest packaging, photos done by Master Photographer John Engleman, Professor at Antonelli College here in Cincinnati. He is a wizard with product shots, and has made my Possets really sing through his expertise. Just click on the first image for the show. Click anywhere on it to return to this post.

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Perfumer in Belgrade

eid_03Fascinating story about a perfumer who is struggling and doing well.

Read it, it’s captivating.

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Wait For It!!!

sample6blackWe are getting our ingredients together to give to our Samples Lady to put together for you. These are the winners from the Halloween Collection which you just got through voting on. The Winners were: Zombie, Min-Min, and Ouija. Alas, I don’t have them put together yet and so won’t be able to let you ask for them until I get them back all assembled and ready to go. Sorry, but it takes a bit of doing to get that aspect of the business together. But, they are in process, and you have a zillion other possible sample to choose from now. I will announce when the new samples are ready for you. In the meantime, take a look at the last days of the Halloween collection and buy the ones you want now. They won’t be around forever and I am planning on taking them down on Black Friday. No overlap with the Yules, so get your Halloween Possets now. Fondly, Fabienne from Possets

LORD! So Many Good Things!!!!

20120324-145923.jpg…About our “hometown” of Cincinnati. There is a boatload of stuff I didn’t know, and a boatload I did. So, I used to think anyone would be nuts to want to visit here, now I know that anyone who didn’t want to put Cincinnati on their list of places to visit is nuts.

I used to take this for granted. Things have changed considerably. When I moved Possets from the Pendleton to East End, that was a great idea…we have gone from “East End? Who wants to go there?” to “Oh, yea, that is the home of Blank Slate Brewery.”

Such vitality in small cities like this, and you can still get from one end to the other in less than an hour!

Here is a great set of examples of where to go here: check it out and have fun!

Oh, and the voting is over at Possets. Zombie, Min-Min, and Ouija are the winners. The others stay around for 2 more weeks, so catch them now! No overlap. See for yourself.

5 Things You Should Never Do With Perfume!

fallingHere are a few things you should not do with your treasured fragrances, trust me on this:

  1. 1. Don’t try to duplicate a perfume you loved and lost. Just don’t. Why? It will never ever smell identical to the fragrance you loved. Accords and ingredients come and go and some can never be brought back, so the basic building blocks of your perfume may be gone forever. Just remember it with fondness and find a new favorite. I do this with Faberge’s Kiku, gone forever and loved forever.

2. Don’t wear your favorite perfume to death. Everyday wear turns even the most fascinating fragrance ho-hum, and quickly, too. Confine your best wear to once a week so retains the power to tickle your nose. I did this with Miss Balmain, a great fragrance but became vin ordinaire after about a week of constant wear.

3. Don’t save your favorites for the super special occasion either, that is once a decade at the holidays. You are trying to keep the balance of being delighted with the scent not tired of it. If you are going to err, though, wearing less frequently is better than overdoing it, just as long as it does not go bad in the bottle. Pascal Morabito’s Or Noir was one I saved and saved, then it turned bad on me.

4. Don’t store your perfumes in the sunlight on your dressing table, or anywhere else in the light. Light quickly degrades many ingredients, like the citrus oils, and so it will turn harsh and become useless very quickly. Dark cool places and colored bottles will preserve your perfumes best. I did this to Joy by Jean Patou, bad idea but the bottle looked so pretty.

5. Don’t mistrust your nose. If it smells “off” or “flat” it’s bad. Big perfume houses have the disconcerting habit of producing different grades of their favorite perfumes and selling them at the standard high price. Which one did this to me? Shalimar. I have bought a bottle at super high price only to have it be the ugly cousin of Shalimar. It was real, it was not a fake but it was not Shalimar. I got a reality check from not one but three Shalimar lovers on the bad bottle and sure enough, it was an inferior version of it. If you get a bad bottle, take it back to the place you got it and complain. They know it’s probable and  you will get your money back. Nordstrom was kind enough to refund me, the clerk knew what I was talking about.

There  you have it, the unvarnished 5 don’ts of perfume. If you are looking for something to DO, hop over to Possets for the wonderful Halloween perfumes in the Scent of Night Collection. See for yourself.

It’s Election Day-Vote for Your Favorite 3 Halloween Possets

Vote for your favorite 3 Halloween Possets and they will become a permanent part of the catalog!

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A Great (And Healthy) Drink Addition


Happy Halloween! Last night my husband and I had a desire for salmon, when I was in the store I was presented with the opportunity to buy ginger root as part of the seasoning, and I did that. Usually, I chop ginger in the food processor, so after I peeled it I put about 2-3 cups of water in the processor, the ginger then went in and I turned it on. If you do that with water the parts are more uniformly chopped.

After the ginger was chopped, it smelled so good that I hated to just throw out the water. I have a big glass jug of green tea in the refrigerator and I drink that during the day and during workouts. I strained the ginger water into it and gave it a try.

Wow, that was amazing! It was as good as the fancy ginger drink I get at our local expensive vegan restaurant (and one of the main reasons I keep coming back). This is eminently cheaper and I can add things I like as opposed to having what they are serving. I am entranced with just putting it with green tea at the moment! Might see that combo at the holidays, as it smells great, too!

In the meantime, hop over to Possets for the wonderful Halloween perfumes in the Scent of Night Collection. See for yourself.

Possets Is Accredited By The Better Business Bureau Now!

Possets Perfume BBB Business Review

We just got our Better Business Bureau accreditation and I could not be happier. Come and visit Possets Perfume and get treated like you matter. Bottled happiness!