Cambienne: An Ever Changing River of Perfume.

cambienne2018The French word for change is Cambienne.

“Cambienne” is also the name that Fabienne gave to a series of perfumes that began in 2007. Each year’s Cambienne began in the first quarter of that year. It is made only once. After so much of that first Cambienne is sold, the remaining is used as the base for the next Cambienne, and so on throughout the year. Each new blend builds upon the past, growing ever more complex throughout the year. A truly inspired idea.

The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus held that all things constantly change and that change is the essence of the universe. In his most famous dictum, “No man ever steps in the same river twice”, Heraclitus points out that the river is in constant change as the water flows from one moment to the next or from one place to another.

Two weeks ago, I consulted an old book of early Greek philosophy. I turned to the chapter on Heraclitus. After a few pages, I came upon a line that took me by surprise: “…even the posset separates if it is not stirred!” We believe it is time to stir things up a bit.

We will be starting a new Cambienne for 2018, beginning with the first Cambienne recipe that Fabienne created and released on March 1, 2007. Given Heraclitus’ consideration of the posset in terms universal, Possets’ first Cambienne of 2018 will be named “The Same River Once”. It will be released on March 1, 2018, exactly 11 years after Fabienne’s first Cambienne release.

After that, at some point, when the muse reveals herself, a new Cambienne will flow forth.

by Tom

How I Make Cambienne

cambiennebackgroundI love making a new Cambienne. Mind you, it is a challenge but it makes me feel that I have done something daring and risky and pulled it off. First, let me explain briefly what Cambienne is, it’s a perfume which I make at the beginning of the year. I try to make it smell like the feel I get from the earth and atmosphere at the cold beginning of a time chunk. Often I try to simulate earth and wetness (cold wetness like snow falling on plowed ground. There is usually a bit of {hidden} green scent about it because I want to tell the wearer that spring will indeed come again).

Then I bottle Cambienne and let my clients know it’s ready for sale. However, Cambienne is made is limited quantities. I sell it until the level of Cambienne falls to about 1/3 of the flask and then I stop production (this is also a movable feast because if I decide that a Cambienne I have made is a delicate blend, I might stop sales sooner than 1/3 of the flask.

Next, I have to ask myself how the world has changed. Is the temperature warming up, are there more movements among the animals around, is there a hint that the earth is going to bloom again? Also, what is happening inside our homes plays a role. Valentines are all chocolate, cinnamon, perfume, roses; St Patrick’s day might have a hint of beer and I like to serve mint chocolate chip icecream for desert (it’s green) and how about the smell of greenery (as Ireland is a green land)…you get the idea.

Now here is the challenge: Cambienne is a perfume which I use the base I created from the version before and I build on that to make the next version of Cambienne. So the  second one I create has a good shot of the first one I made as a base upon which to create. I can’t be to strong with the old or the new ingredients here or else I will wipe out the perfume. I want a balance which allows the perfume to show you the old and the new elements AND there has to be harmony between the two versions which makes for a beautiful finished product. All that balancing is difficult to achieve. One mistake and I have ruined the whole batch, there is no erasing what I just did!

But this is such a highly creative and amusing process for me that I have to take the risk.What if something goes wrong? Well, then the entire thing would be ruined.

I have once split the Cambienne left over into two batches and presented two separate Cambiennes! I once mixed up the first Cambienne of the year and liked it so much, I stopped the process and made it into a permanent Posset (that was Sex Juice, so that shows you what it reminded me of). There are other Cambiennes which were out of the ordinary: those commemorating friends who died, ones which mimicked roses in my garden and the scent of gardenias and gunpowder where both were present in my neighborhood after Independence Day celebration and a neighbor was growing gardenias, and the famous Bete Noirs which were among the darkest resins I ever conjured up.

The fact that Cambiennes are ephemeral is part of their charm, their changeable nature and the difficulty in making them successfully. They do sell out quickly, so if you have a Cambienne you love, congratulations!

This blog is brought to you by Possets Perfume which is featuring The Yule 2014 Collection now. Based on Music, the collection was inspired by the grand and tingly compositions by such musicians as: Bach, Chopin, and Mozart not to mentions a few anonymous tunes and a couple of just plain fanciful creations. AND a brand new Cambienne (called Chronos). So, click here and go exploring!


New Cambienne Labels!

cambiennebackgroundI just designed a new label for Possets and it looks wonderful! From now on all Cambienne limited fragrance labels will have the beautiful image of the Cambienne gentleman on them. He is surrounded by a mandorla of the zodiac and is part of an exquisite illuminated manuscript called Les Tres Riches Heures de Duc de Berry.

Ooo, regard the goodness at Possets Perfume!


Seamus Heaney In Cincinnati

Tonight my husband and I are going to hear Seamus Heaney at the Weston courtesy of The Mercantile Library. I am looking forward to it a great deal as the following is one of my favorite poems. By the way, when we visited Gallarus Oratory we had to walk down paths lined with blooming fuchia and large, fat, shiny, furry bees were everywhere in a frenzy to drink the nectar. As we walked down the path, we would collide with mad bees which would bounce off our arms, chests, and faces and keep on flying to the next flower. I thought about that at the end of this poem:

In Gallarus Oratory
by Seamous Heaney

You can still feel the community pack
This place: it’s like going into a turfstack,
A core of old dark walled up with stone
A yard thick. When you’re in it alone,
You might have dropped, a reduced creature,
To the heart of the globe. No worshipper
Would leap up to his God off this floor.

Founded there like heroes in a barrow,
They sought themselves in the eye of their King
Under the black weight of their own breathing.
And how he smiled on them as out they came,
The sea a censer and the grass a flame.

Cambienne Velvet Lust is Sold Out At Possets.

Sorry if you didn’t get your bottle of Velvet Lust but it’s sold out. I only make a set amount and when it falls below a certain level in the Master Flask I have to stop sales so I will have enough of the original fragrance to use that for the basis of the next incarnation of Cambienne. There will be another on in the future so do check back often on the Possets Forum to be sure that you are then when the next Cambienne appears.

Cambienne: Six Is Sold Out

The latest version of Cambienne, Cambienne: Six, was immensely popular. I had made as much as possible because I figured that it would sell briskly due to it’s being a commemoration of the Sixth Anniversary of Possets Perfume. It did and now I have had to shut town sales of Cambienne for a while. I will be coming out with another incarnation of that fabulously changing fragrance and so be sure to check the website frequently, or sign up for the newsletter and haunt the forum. So much more to come from Possets.

Cambienne: Medieval

The latest and probably the most magnificent Cambienne I have ever made is out: Cambienne: Medieval. Very deep resinous blend but with a lilt of perfume from the West. Hard to describe but utterly captivating. Frankincense, labdenum, clove, cystis, sweet flag, a touch of teak. Fantastic. So much of the lovely elements in the Middle Ages all at play here. I really do recommend this one. Take a look here. And you are lucky because you still have at least 24 hrs before my generous sale ends one phase! There is a 10% discount on ALL perfume on Possets site, AND a $10 gift cert sent to you for every $50 of perfume you buy! Sale continues THROUGH the 16th and ends on the 17th of December. So go and take advantage of it!

Sales Of Cambienne Stopped At Possets

The Duchess BetsySorry, but I have had to stop sales of Cambienne Save Me From Myself. There was a run on it and I am now dangerously low. I will create a new Cambienne soon and I am sure it will be a beauty, it has such a nice base upon which to build. If you ordered it and I cannot fill your order, I will get in touch with you and offer you some satisfactory alternative. Again I am sorry but this one was impossible to predict.