A Great (And Healthy) Drink Addition


Happy Halloween! Last night my husband and I had a desire for salmon, when I was in the store I was presented with the opportunity to buy ginger root as part of the seasoning, and I did that. Usually, I chop ginger in the food processor, so after I peeled it I put about 2-3 cups of water in the processor, the ginger then went in and I turned it on. If you do that with water the parts are more uniformly chopped.

After the ginger was chopped, it smelled so good that I hated to just throw out the water. I have a big glass jug of green tea in the refrigerator and I drink that during the day and during workouts. I strained the ginger water into it and gave it a try.

Wow, that was amazing! It was as good as the fancy ginger drink I get at our local expensive vegan restaurant (and one of the main reasons I keep coming back). This is eminently cheaper and I can add things I like as opposed to having what they are serving. I am entranced with just putting it with green tea at the moment! Might see that combo at the holidays, as it smells great, too!

In the meantime, hop over to Possets for the wonderful Halloween perfumes in the Scent of Night Collection. See for yourself.

Possets Is Accredited By The Better Business Bureau Now!

Possets Perfume BBB Business Review

We just got our Better Business Bureau accreditation and I could not be happier. Come and visit Possets Perfume and get treated like you matter. Bottled happiness!

Using Authentic Ancient Incense

featherPerfume lovers owe a huge debt of gratitude to the original perfume makers of the Arabian lands. Our word “perfume” does mean “through smoke” , that was the way people first scented themselves and smoke is still the way that so much scent is enjoyed today, especially on the Arabian Peninsula. I just bought quite a few different “bakoors” which are the traditional way that Arabs enjoy scent. Bakoor looks like wood shavings (sometimes compressed sawdust) and smells incredibly rich and pungent…much more so that Western room spray/scent/candles. It is heavier and woodier by far.

To use it, you put it on a glowing coal and the coal heats it, burns it, and releases its fragrance. You have to be careful and not burn too much because it puts out masses of smoke! I always cut just a small sliver off to burn when I am in a bakoor mood.

Whenever the group meets, which is very frequently in a room called a “majalis”, one of the younger men takes an incense burner with bakhoor on it and the men stand up and have their clothes incensed.

I am not sure exactly what bakoor is made of, and I am sure that the formulae are secret but I suspect that there is a lot of oude wood, some cedar, lots of rose attar, and sandalwood at least.

I hope you try this wonderful and different incense. In the meantime, come over to Possets Halloween Collection and frolic with us for a while. https://possets.come

Our Charity–RAPTOR Inc

Since we have a wealth of owls on our site this Halloween, I decided to go looking for good owl related charities in my area. I didn’t expect to find anything BUT I found an amazing organization called RAPTOR Inc. They rehabilitate injured raptors of all kinds: owls, hawks, falcons, vultures (yes, vultures are considered in the raptor family), eagles, and osprey. They even took care of a peregrine falcon who had fallen way out of its nest and was walking down the street in Cincinnati this past year! He turned out to be just fine (amazing as he fell stories). He was kept by RAPTORS Inc and turned back into the wild when he was strong enough and old enough to survive.

RAPTOR Inc is located just outside Cincinnati and if you are passionate about owls and their kin, consider sponsoring one for yourself. We are sponsoring three: Great Horned Owl, Screech Owl, and the Barred Owl. Look at the video and then take a look at Possets Perfume. See for yourself.

Latest Possets’ Samples Have Arrived

possets samplerAs you know, each collection at Possets gets a survey toward the end, and you get to vote on the top 3 Possets of the season. Those 3 are sent to the Permanent Collection and I can then make samples of them to buy or request as freebies with your orders. I just got the samples back from the Summer of Elegance Collection. You can now get Summer (Mucha), Landscape in Suffolk, and Seascape in trial sizes.

  • Summer (Mucha) is the perfect floral for flower haters. It boasts carnation, fern, and sandalwood.
  • Landscape in Suffolk is a pure fougere, the scent of ferns. I have grown the scented fern and it is a marvel. Once a classic in perfumery, bringing it back with a modern twist was a wise idea.
  • Seascape was the surprise of the summer collection. Possets is known for its super popular foodie perfumes but Seascape (and aquatic) took over the summer of 2015. On a base of aquatic note, I floated coconut and cannabis (yes, cannabis) and a couple of other secret ingredients and it was incredibly popular.

So, come to Possets and explore our Halloween Collection. Reviews are coming in and they are VERY positive. We have all been waiting for the crisp weather which signals time for heavy perfumes again. As one happy customer put it about Dancing With the Sprites In The Fall Rain, “Fabienne has absolutely nailed being outdoors in autumn with this…a place where leaves turn and fall and fires are lit and the air turns crisp. Very much the smell of dead leaves and cool air in a bottle, with the barest possible suggestion of sweetness to remind you that it’s a perfume, after all.” See for yourself.

Why I Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Natural Perfumes

faintingcouchI only produce one 100% Natural perfume per collection at Possets. Why?

First, my palette is limited. There are only so many natural ingredients I can use to make perfume, and some of the popular genres are just not possible with naturals. Forget the “foody” perfumes, the sweet sugar ones, the thumping musks; you won’t find them among the real naturals (maybe if someone is fudging).

Second, you are not necessarily going to get the same quality of ingredients from your distributor every time. I have gotten rose otto which was wonderful and the next order smelled dreadful from the same supplier. Lack of consistency is the hallmark of every essential oil supplier. Some oils are more trustworthy than others (lavender, the more volatile-smelling herbals, and patchouli), but some oils are VERY variable (rose, vanilla, tabac).

Finally, there are some time honored blends which are staples in the perfuming trade, amber is one which comes to mind. Amber is a combination of several ingredients which makes a smooth/powdery/warm compound which is beloved by many as a base. I have one supplier who made it beautifully for years and then it went flat…did they lose the recipe or did their suppliers change or did they find a cheaper and worse source? I don’t know but I do know they will never be the same and I have to stop making several popular 100% Natural blends because of it.

This is all very sad but on the other side, I love the challenge of making 100% Natural perfumes and there are suppliers who go under there are also new suppliers who appear and add scores of new ingredients to the mix; ultimately that is thanks to you and your insistence that this be a world which has natural perfumes in it.

My current 100% Natural perfume in my Halloween Collection is Grim Reaper, a stunner with pink peppercorn and hay absolute. It has a charming olive oil quality to it which preserving a spicy kick. I would say it ‘s the equal to any “conventional” blend, take a look and also take a look at my 100% Natural section at Possets. htttp:www.possets.com–Fondly, Fabienne from Possets Perfume

Why You Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Natural Perfumes

I am sorry to have to tell you this but your taste is the opposite of what natural perfume can offer you! You want:

  • STRONG  perfumes which last for hours. Naturals have very few base notes which truly stick around and that is why so many natural perfumes smell alike…there are just so many ingredients we can choose from.
  • A NEVER ENDING VARIETY OF PERFUMES. You, my dear public, want: peach today, pink musk tomorrow, lily on Tuesday, a strange and sexy accord on Tuesday night, and so forth. The average perfume wearer now has a perfume wardrobe which would only be owned by the very rich just a generation ago! Since naturals have a limited number of ingredients, making a huge number of varied perfumes is pretty unrealistic.
  • THINGS WHICH REALLY CANNOT BE MADE BY NATURE, ONLY BY THE LAB-Musk, musk, musk…you crave musk in all its forms. Musk is artificial. Lily of the valley in buckets (it’s not available from the plant, only from the artificial lab). A pretty pink concoction (which you won’t find in nature). Fruit, you have to have it (but real fruit wont fit in a bottle). If you want peach, you are going to have to settle for artificial peach, you are not really going to find it among the tiny “Natural Nelly’s Peach Paradise” bottles sold in the organic big box.
  • ETERNAL FRESHNESS is not a feature of most natural perfume. Some of the oils therein are famously fugitive, like citrus oils and the flower oils can go rancid, too. There are some components which are really eternal, though, like patchouli and vetiver but natural perfume should be used within a year as a general rule, artificial perfumes also can go “off” but they normally have a better shelf life.
  • REASONABLE PRICING is not a feature of natural perfuming. Real naturals are much more expensive than artificial perfume so don’t expect to run across any bargains here because they don’t exist.

My current 100% Natural perfume in my Halloween Collection is Grim Reaper, a stunner with pink peppercorn and hay absolute. It has a charming olive oil quality to it which preserving a spicy kick. I would say it ‘s the equal to any “conventional” blend, take a look and also take a look at my 100% Natural section at Possets. htttp:www.possets.com–Fondly, Fabienne from Possets Perfume


5 Scents Which Are Past Their Prime In The Fall

Eeeeek!We were so thrilled when warm weather finally came. It was time to put on the light and ethereal perfumes and put away our heavy resins. But, the temperatures have cooled off again with fall and there are a few things I wish people would put away right now:

  1. Fussy Aggressive Crystalline Musks– for some reason, the toothy musks are seen as crystalline and cold and come out like mad in the summer. I think they were too strong then, and not autumnal enough now. I really like these for spring, which can be a cruel season and can take a bit of sharp poking to illustrate the time of year.
  2. So Light It’s Not There Florals-It’s fall, let’s smell your perfume. Florals need to be statements now, not hints.
  3. Cotton Candy-That was summer. Summer is over.
  4. Murky Aquatics-Please, let’s play with crisp aquatics now, long strands of greenery steeped in cold water doesn’t sound so appetizing at the moment.
  5. Tea-I love tea fragrances, but they have to be handled with care when the air turns cold. I made High Tea as a very warm perfume which celebrates the idea of tea hot in a cup and I love that one when the world turns crisp.

Come over to Possets Perfume to explore our Halloween Collection for 2015. These are the fragrances you are craving now: www.possets.com.

Possets’ Halloween Collection Is Here

Bat by GoyaThe year has finally turned from summer to autumn and Possets has put away The Summer of Elegance and now is showing their fall line, The Scent of Night! We decided that peach was truly special for this time of year and too heavy for summer, it is combined with pumpkin and apple for a spectacular set of blends. Of course you will find several sorts of apple scent, and the excellent fall accompaniment, fallen leaves. Pumpkin? Of course.

This amazing line is wrapped in the theme of monsters which was a great challenge. One person on the forum challenged me to make a Sasquatch fragrance, it DID it! And it is animalic and very sexy.

The images were a pure pleasure to work with. I would like to be more detailed about them in later posts, and tell how they reinforced the scents I made. But may I draw your attention to the little detail image on this page. It is from our lead picture by Goya, The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters and is a little bat, drawn with just a few hatch lines on a copper plate. Goya captures the body, shape of the head, scallops of the wings, and even the tiny ears and tail of a bat with such ease as it goes about it’s earnest search for a nocturnal meal. The whole picture is filled with little masterpieces, take a look. And take a look at the Possets’ Halloween Line, I am sure you will love it.

Fondly, Fabienne from Possets Perfume