Halloween Is Unleashed At Possets Perfume

Hieronymus Bosch is making us all angsty at Possets this year. His amazingly creative little paintings are leaping and squealing all over the Possets site. So take a look. You’re Damned If You Don’t (or you Do) and Monsters From The Super Ego are two festively named offerings. Good Times.

For hours of absurd time-wasting fun:


I had to put this away after trying one. I can tell they are addicting. You can even find out what perfume you should be wearing (that is of the Big Perfume Companies). Something for everyone.

New Headers

Time for a few Bosch headers for the blog. One of the great Flemish “primitives”. What was his art all about? Was it the product of some strange wheat blight? Excess of religious zeal? An unhinged mind? Is there a hidden message in there about alchemy (as suggested by Laurinda Dixon in her excellent book Bosch published by Phaidon)? Or is it a visual treatise on Hell, Heaven, and the Garden of Eden?

The Raw Beauty of Calligraphy

I came across this charming example of calligraphy and thought I would share it with all of you. Please read the accompanying information about it, too. I had no idea that there were such things as tughras in this world, and now I know what they are. Beautiful abstract but warm and lovely design.

Fall Fungus

I was walking in the woods and came across this beautiful array of fungi on an old bench. It just was a small medallion of autumn beauty.


At the CSO

I was demonstrating the power of WordPress mobile to upload pictures to my blog with my seatmate at the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra this evening. After I took this picture we were treated to the finest performance of Mahler’s Titan. Just superb. I wish I could have shown that to you but, alas, music is not as snapshot prone as images. De Burgos was the conductor, and we had a wonderful violin player who had a Stradivarius that did the piece great justice. We are very lucky here, with talent like this coming through regularly.

This Is Funny

Feast your eyes.

What I Did This Morning

I have plenty to do. Honestly, I don’t need to take a side trip. However, I have had this Western Data Terabyte backup drive staring me in the face for well over a year and a half.

“Feelin’ lucky, punk?” The Terabyte just keeps on laughing,”One day you are going to be expecting your beautiful welcome screen and you know what you are going to get? You are going to get The Blue Screen Of Death, that’s what, punk! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!”

I have been getting creeped out with this thing lying there with its cord unplugged and it’s winking eye dark. What if…eeeeeek!

So, I couldn’t take it anymore. Not. I had to stop what I was doing and plug it in. I fought with it, I flattered it, I hunted for drivers, I cajoled it. It finally pipped into action and I heard its innards come to life with small sounds like there was a little creature inside the shiny black box.

You can make your own backups from the software you already have installed. I use XP still, and so I just go to start-programs-accessories-system tools-backup and go from there. I can even schedule backups to run every day/week/month/year and choose only what I want to back up. Very handy that. So I am set now. I learned my lesson long ago that you don’t want to have your data not backed up.

Batting 1000

batBats use the hummingbird feeder, too. In places like Arizona, where nectar drinking bats live, the hummingbird feeder becomes an important source of sustenance. I wish I had that sort of visitor to my hummingbird feeder. Bats are very neat creatures, they are the only flying mammal, you know.