Post Retour

HalloweenWell, the after-Retour time is upon me and I have had to do some very large amounts of cleaning. First there was a tidal wave of glassware I had to clean because there was a lot of Possets ordered and I had to remake the blends. There is one good thing about washing dishes at Possets, the wash water really smells good.

Then there was cleaning all the surfaces after everything was put away. Working with oil is always full of after-oil, it just finds its way onto all surfaces.

Then I had to redo many labels, try to be ready for the next retour.

Reorder ingredients. Alas, again there are a few which have been discontinued. The victims of the Recession or maybe it’s fashion changing things. I don’t know but I think I am going to re-formulate BBC at least…I love that fragrance and I think I can even do it better the second time around. Halloween will probably be getting a make over as well, and I think that I can make that one even better, too. We shall see. Should I call it “Halloween 2”? Naw, that has already been done.

Mom and The Kids

I live in a neighborhood where you have to drive very slowly because of things like this. The twins still have their spotted coats.

Irene Vs. The English Language

Well, hurricane Irene has made landfall and the weather writers are beside themselves to show off their grasp of how good English is written. Rule #1: Let the verb do the work. Looks like that is the only rule that some people know. Sheesh, after reading about 4 accounts of this windstorm, I have surmised that verbs have totally broken down from overwork. Here are some of the things I have read:

Hurricane Irene is trudging up the coast…
Hurricane Irene is marching up the coast…
Hurricane Irene is barreling up the coast…

Goodness me: hopping, skipping, jumping, roaring, schlepping, EVERY GERUND EVER INVENTED!

It’s like St. Crispin’s day hath come to The Weather Channel. Every frustrated melodramatic writer alive is having a fling at this windbag.

We few, we wet and soggy few, we band of water-rats;
For he to-day that sheds his umbrella with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so soggy,
This day shall the more moisten his condition;
And gentlemen in the Midwest now-a-bed
Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That squishéd up the coast with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.

Mercury In Retrograde

The staff of Aeslepius, not Mercury but close enough.Well, we are on the last day of Mercury in Retrograde, and oh what a happy time that has been. I have encountered a problem on my website which caused much mischief. It did not shut things down or interfere with the daily business of the site, but it is bother. Then we had to think up something to countermand it. WE did but that took time. One thing after another chewing up the clock.

Addresses were wrong in PayPal, minds were changed, ship to addresses were amended, questions were asked about everything from “what fragrance do you think I would like?” to very very specific questions which took a lot of time and energy to sort out.

That’s Mercury in Retrograde for you. One day I am going to find a talisman to counteract the curse of Mercury and when I do I will never leave it home, trust me.

But I am so looking forward to tomorrow when Mercury will be moving in his proper path and everything will be back to normal. I hope.


My benchmark for hurricanes is the state of Texas. If it appears bigger than the state of Texas from the satellite images, then it’s Really Bad. Irene is bigger than the state of Texas.

This is not a “sit in the basement sipping high powered fruit drinks with your pals and giggle when the TV goes off” kind of a storm. This one is going to be bad.

I appreciate the advanced warning, but the increase in anxiety and its duration is not a good thing.

All the best to family and friends on the East Coast. I hope you are out of its way and that any damage you get is minor.

Retour Is Over

And what a Retour it was. Phew, I have my work cut out for me in the shipping department and we will be working hard to get your orders out to you quickly! I especially want to thank Joni Crocker who helped out out immensely when Mercury went into retrograde and things started coming apart behind the scenes. You rock, Joni!

So for now, I know what I am going to be doing every day in the foreseeable future. I get my packer coming back soon so I will be getting a good deal of help here. So, hang tight if you ordered during Retour. I should get your parcels out to you very quickly.

Next Up: The Last Two Installments of Dark Matter. I never intended it to go for a year, but it has. I have had so much fun writing it and creating the perfumes to go with it that the year was a real treat for me, and I hope that you liked it, too. Stewart and Isabella will have to come to a conclusion soon but it will be great fun and you will be part of the ending, too! How is that, stay tuned to find out.

The Comprehensive Waterline Eyeliner Review

The all seeing eyeHere it is, the review you have all been waiting for: The Great Waterline Eyeliner Review by Fabienne Christenson from Possets Perfume. It is in .xls format which is for Excel. If you don’t have Excel, you can find and install a free Excel reader but you will have to Google it, I don’t know where to look for it or how to install. However, this is a very popular program and I think it is the easiest way to get the word out.

The all seeing eyeWhen you click the link it will download into your computer and you can open it with Excel, the Excel reader, or with Open Office. After you open it you can save it and savour it at your leisure. Yes, it’s that much fun. I have tried to answer every question you would have about this topic, give tips and where to get the actual eyeliners. Also I give pricing information, tell you which ones are the darkest and which fallout the most.

The all seeing eyeAs you can see, it was an exhaustive account of all the waterline eyeliners I have tried to date and some of them are quite esoteric. None of them are from places other than the EU or the USA, so I don’t have any “authentic” Arabic waterline eyeliners to talk about. One maker I think is an Indian who knows his way around eyeliner, and makes it naturally. In all cases I can say that my eyes were not irritated by any of the eyeliners here, and if anything they did help to keep my eyes feeling very good in the summer light.

The all seeing eyeSo, take a look, I have left the trail for you to follow via the websites of the providers. Have fun, I did.

One Person In Mongolia—

—-has read the Possets’ Blog! I am so happy. Nifty map of the world tells me where my readers are coming from and they are from all over the world now. That just tickles me.

On the other hand I have been having some really hard computer snarls recently. My friends tell me it’s Mercury in Retrograde, and he is going backwards as hard as he can, evidently. I have had just about every program I use get snarled up and I have to untangle it. The latest was Thunderbird which I had to get waaaay into and fix its coding. Yikes. I hope this is over with soon.

And Furthermore…

I used to think that you should put as much kohl on your waterline as you could get. Not so. Now I am not only applying it with the thinnest applicator I can, but I am also dipping the stick once, blowing off the excess THEN applying it to one eye and without re-dipping the stick I apply it to the other eye. There is plenty for both eyes on the stick and I don’t get near the amount of fallout that I did with the other method of kohl application.

The all seeing eye

The Third Great Thing I Have Learned …

…about waterline eyeliner:

Is that some people should not put it in the inner edge of their eye, the part closest to your nose. I did that and kept on coming up with it collecting in the inner corners of my eye. It was unattractive and I had to continually clean out those inner corners or else it was unsightly. I started lining from about 7/8 away from the inner eye, missing the area around the tear duct and I have had a lot less trouble with kohl collecting where it shouldn’t (that combined with not using so much at a time and applying it with a thin applicator).

Now you know.

The all seeing eye