gulfnews : Photo essay: The rose harvest in Oman

pomegranate sorbet logogulfnews Photo essay: The rose harvest in Oman.

A very nice set of photos about where rose water comes from. This is a special kind with a smoky kick to it, not the sweet and totally floral sort. I wish I could get my hands on a bottle of it but…it’s nice to think about it. Lots of work goes into making this sort of thing and I really respect that sort of energy. Enjoy and pretend that you can indeed smell the smoky rose water being made out of the silken pink petals.

Possets Fifth Anniversary Approaches

Possets is going to be five years old soon. She is a Leo and her birthday is August 10th. In honor of that fact, I think I am going to make a special perfume to commemorate the occasion, something festive and appropriate. And I should have a couple of other treats for you as well, well maybe more than just a couple.

I can’t tell you how proud I am that Possets has endured for five years. I have worked very hard to make it thrive and it has been worth the effort indeed.

So, keep your eyes on Possets and where it is going. I think you will have a very nice surprise.

How To Make Your Own Khol Lockets

Take a look at this little video which explains how you can make your own kohl filled lockets.

Need a refresher on how to make your own kohl? Here is the definitive explanation of how to do it by the expert, Tressa Green.

Dark Matter’s End!

StewartYou do know that one day Dark Matter is going to draw to its conclusion. Such a stirring story should have an extra special twist to that fact, and of course it does!

You will be able to choose one of two possible endings for your version of Dark Matter. You only get one, so choose carefully. Each one has been written and I don’t think that you will be disappointed in either one. BUT you will have to make up your mind. So, start thinking about how you want it to end and wait for it to all come together.

There will be a Chapter 22 coming up in about 2 weeks, but Chapter 23 will be the last one.

Oh, and there will be a special vehicle for your story, too. What does that mean, stay tuned and find out at Possets.

The Flaw-Ch 21 of Dark Matter

The Scent of SinWe suspected Stewart of an inability to control himself, although Isabella thinks she has him firmly under her thumb. Chapter 21 proves that you never really know anyone all that well, and then again you are not surprised by anyone’s bad behavior, are you? The Flaw follows Stewart’s trajectory like a missile, is this the beginning of his final nose dive? Or is it just a mighty blip in a straight shot? Take a look at Chapter 21 of Possets’ Dark Matter and find out the truth for yourself.

Naked Ladies!!!!!

Naked Ladies

These are called “Naked Ladies” because they appear without leaves. Their leaves emerged in the spring and absorbed enough sun to produce lovely light pink flower clusters on long stalks. So, now you got a peak at a lovely creation of Nature.

A Very Strange Sight

This thing was flying around my yard. It looked like a VERY large wasp. It was about 3/4 inch long and was bumbling along in the air because it had a cicada which was bigger than it was, grasped in it’s legs and would not let go. It even flew at me in a bogged down fury but could not manage to do much damage.

You can see the white underbelly of the cicada that the wasp was carrying. He was constantly in motion so this is a little blurry.

What An AWFUL Day

A boiling heat wave, the horror in Oslo. This is a day I would much rather forget than remember. You may feel the same way.

The Definitive How To Make Your Own Waterline Eyeliner

Here is the best waterline eyeliner how-to I have ever seen. Simple and effective.

Please note that neither Possets or the author of the piece take any responsibility for making or using this product. Please be careful, use eyeliner responsibly. Thank you.