Possets Presents The New Summer Collection

Yoga CollectionSummer has arrived at Possets. What’s on? Tea and Yoga. Two collections unveiled for your enjoyment. I have been working hard on a collection of tea fragrances and managed to do just about every form of tea I could think of, and the accoutrements to go with them, like: cream, sugar and even ice.

I have also been practicing Yoga and that has inspired me to make a Yoga collection as well. Oddly enough making this collection helped me to focus even more clearly on my Yoga practice while I was trying to put the poses into the form of fragrance. The idea was to hit the right level of fragrance strength while making them suitable for every day/night wear as well AND to keep in the spirit of summer.

By Jove, I think I did it!

Still Working On the Summer Update

I really want to present this new collection of perfumes just right and so I am taking my time in order to have it just so. I think you will understand what I mean when you find out what the theme is.

In the mean time, the Canadian postal strike is over and that means it’s business as usual for all my Northern friends. Good. Just in time.

More later. Believe me I can hardly wait for you to see what I have come up with for you. I think you will be highly amused.

Goal Attained

Today I reached my goal of losing 25 lbs. It took me 5.5 months and really wasn’t that painful at all. I used an old fashioned idea: eat less and move more. To the end of fulfilling my visceral need for electronics and gadgets, I used a Polar FT4 heart rate monitor (HRM), and LoseIt which is a free app on my phone. The latter is one of the best tools I have ever used and all it really does is allow you to track your weight, calories in, the calories you use during your exercise and during the day just living. They tell you how many calories you get to eat all day to lose weight at the rate you choose (1/2-2 lbs/week). I also have a gym membership, an elecronic bathroom scale and that is it.

I gained 25 lbs over about 4 years. I have dieted with some success but have not gotten down to my present weight for quite a while. Now my goal is to stay there and I am going to be using LoseIt to do that because it even adjusts up for maintaining weight once you get to your goal.

I am not sponsored by LoseIt, I am saying this without any compensation at all. If you are interested in it, you can look at www.loseit.com on your computer and get the whole story. I highly recommend it as a real, inexpensive way to lose weight which relies on you and common sense.

Video About Lining Waterline

How To Line Your Waterline Old School Style

Thanks to aquahot on YouTube for this short and sweet video which shows you what I am talking about. It’s a great method because you get the top and bottom waterline at once, it’s fast and spills very little powder on you if you tap the wand off first. One video is worth 10000 words.

At Last

OK, to continue the saga of discovery of The Perfect Waterliner Eyeliner: I finally managed to apply classic waterline (powdered with a sharp stick) eyeliner to my eyes in the classic manner. How is that? Take the sharp black stick after you have dipped it in the kohl bottle and tapped off the excess, lay it on the inner corner of your eye, close your eye and “zip” it across. Almost like putting on lipstick. I actually did it! It works so well because it is coloring the top and the bottom of your waterline at the same time. If you look closely you might find spots where you are not as highly pigmented. Go back and give yourself a touch up with the side of the stick. Also, there is a lot less powder fallout from this method than any other I have tried.

This is the only and I mean only kohl which has stayed on the waterline of my eyes all day long. I have tried every other form of kohl known to woman and none of them stay on for more than an hour. NONE! Pencils are a joke on my waterline, waterproof eyeliner stings and can get messy (creeping out of the eye and onto the face and you are helpless if you blink from the stinging).

I can’t tell you how proud I am of myself. Never thought I would get up the nerve and exhibit the skill it took to line my eyes old school.

The eyes

Oh One Mystery Solved…

For decades people have been telling me that there are such things as “self sharpening eye pencils”. Well, pish posh I have not seen what makes an eye pencil self sharpening unless there was a sharpener under the cap like the Maybelline red eyeliner/eyebrow pencil which is obvious to all as to what it is and where the sharpener is. Lord knows that all the other pencils are just, well, pencils.

Today, I am coming down off the mountain and spreading the word. I have a Revlon ColorStay pencil which I was using this morning and for some odd reason I pulled on the very butt end of the pencil, whereupon the end of it came off and I found the tiniest little itty bitty pencil sharpener! It was just to point the very tip of the crayon like end of the pencil. I feel like I have discovered a secret world, a place where few have blundered into. It exists! It is there! Eeeeek!

Now I will have to try to repeat the experiment with other pencils in my possession.

It is a teeny weeny brave little new world out there, and I have solved this mystery at least with one brand.

The Bluebird of Happiness-The Perfect Eyeliner!

As some of you undoubtedly know, I have been searching for the perfect eyeliner for quite some time. I want to line the “waterline” of my eye as well as to do a conventional black line above my eye. I have roamed the 4 corners of the earth, I have asked questions of wise people and listened to the esoteric thoughts of a legion of aesthetic geniuses and still I found that the eyeliner I used disappeared from the eyelid and the waterline washed away anything I put on my lower or upper waterline.

Then, out of curiosity I went back to what I was using when I first started my quest to find the perfect eyeliner combo. Don’t you know I have not found anything better. I put on L’Oreal Kohl (the kind that comes in the traditional pot and is powder and you put it on with a stick) this morning at about 8 and it’s still there. Then I lined the upper lid with Maybelline waterproof liquid eyeliner and it’s still there, perfectly black and fresh as the minute I first put it on.

Yes, those two drug store products are the absolute shiz-nitz. They are still there, still strong, still beautiful. Highly recommended. Total cost of under $10 and you can’t use them up in under a year. I am a fan. The kohl is especially amazing as nothing has ever stayed on my waterline for more than half an hour. Now you know.

Oh…And Fireflies

Fireflies is back! That is the fragrance I offer just as soon as I see fireflies in my backyard, and I put it away for another year as soon as the fireflies disappear. It’s a minty vanilla with a lovely kiss of citrus, perfect in a silver scent locket.

What A Fabulous Day

I woke up at 5 and the world was wrapped in fog. It was beautiful to see the sun come up and make an array of mauve shades out of everything. Now there is a thunderstorm playing on the horizon and the air is dark and thick with summer.