The First Blooming Flowers

These little yellow flowers are often the first signs that spring is coming in the Northern Hemisphere. They are called Winter Aconite and you can plant them in the fall in masses so that you get big “islands” of them in the late winter when the days start warming up. I have seen neighbors who got very ambitious and planted vast carpets of them on their front lawns which are eye catching in late February. It’s obvious they are flowers and so vivid that it cheers your heart knowing that winter is being ushered out at last.

New Chapter of Dark Matter: Journey to the West

Stewart and Isabella must part in order to lend a much needed air of propriety to their relationship. He must return to Cincinnati to divorce his feckless wife, Jenny Kenwood, who he married on the rebound from being rebuffed by Isabella’s mother. Isabella must make it seem as if she had a wonderfully successful presentation and season in London, all the while hoping that no one else she runs into will have been in London and in the same circles as she was cast out of! In 1850, that was possible BUT fate might intervene. She will be spending a month or so in New York City visiting friends and relatives. She finds and wears a lovely novelty in her hair one evening on board ship, a “fascinator” and it makes her again the center of attention. Take a look at the latest chapter of Dark Matter, the Victorian serialized novelette on Possets.

A Wonderful Presidents’ Day

Today is Monday and it started off with a bang when a huge container of liquid laundry detergent fell off the drier and onto the floor spilling out 579 gallons of Purex all over the concrete floor. So I have to finish mopping up the residue.

Then I had to go to physical therapy. Yes, boys and girls, I got tendinitis in my shoulder and had to go get that taken care of. Everything was going smoothly until they decided to put a patch on me with steroids in it and it had to have a battery pack attached to start the action. It felt like I was being bitten by a snake in slow motion. However, I liked the PT and theory (this time they treated the area which was the trouble, not some area far away which was magically part of the trouble). I have greater confidence in attacking the source of the pain around where the pain comes from rather than treating all the toes on your left foot for a pain in your right shoulder. So the snake bite I could handle.

I boosted a bit too much weight, comrades, being all excited by my successes in my gym. That will teach me to go too far too fast.

Then there was a power outage at my workplace. After I got through all of my morning tasks and appointments, I nipped over to work only to find my landlady standing outside with a cell phone looking far less than happy. A transformer had broken and the lights were off around my office and all around the area. Nuts. Nothing to be done and it wasn’t the end of the world. I just went back to the gym and finished my workout and went home to finish cleaning up the spilled liquid soap.

Good time. 🙂

The Very First Signs of Spring

I found these on a walk I took yesterday. Such a lovely reminder that spring is coming as relentlessly as did winter.

The Valentine Debacle…

Here is a better picture of men lined up at Valentine’s Day to get flowers and candy for their wives and sweeties. This photo was taken as approx. 5 p.m. as the poor creatures had converged on the local Kroger store looking for objects to placate their females.

New Poppet Samples Ready

I now have poppets (samples) of the following Possets available-The Three Fitness Fragrances Vim (for contemplative workouts like yoga), Vigor (for cardio workouts), and Victory (for competitive workouts). Also the big hit from Yuletide, Testosterone which was elevated to Permanent status by popular demand.

Happy Valentine’s Day To All

I walked into the Kroger store to get a coffee and found a herd of men clustered around a display of flowers, cards, balloons, and candy. They had forgotten that today was Valentine’s Day and were hurriedly trying to make up for that omission. The coffee lady said that it had been that way all day long and that at about 5 p.m. it was going to turn into a mad house. So funny.

Chapter 12 Of Dark Matter & Faux Chandelier!

Faux ChandelierDark Matter Chapter 12 is up now and the adventures of Stewart and Isabella are combined with the latest perfume in the Dark Matter series, Faux Chandelier! Curious? I hope so. Here is a link to it. A big decision is made, a giddy gala is celebrated at the newly constructed Maltese Observatory. The sojourn of Stewart and Isabella on Malta is coming to a close and what now? What will the future hold for them and how are they going to proceed? Ma-ma has laid down some rules for them but will they obey? Read Chapter 12 and find out!

Two Pieces of Smashing Good News!

My Word!Since the new installment of Dark Matter is coming out on Friday (in advance of Valentine’s Day) I thought that I would give you all something to play with. Find out what kind of a Victorian lady or gent YOU would make! Think it’s easy being Stewart or Isabella? It isn’t, life and propriety is so perplexing in 1850. See if you can thread the needle of society and be proper under all circumstances. Make a mistake and suffer the dire consequences, as Isabella found out.

Oh, my smelling salts, quickly!!!!

TyroneTyrone the cat went home with his new family recently thanks to Ohio Alleycat Resource. He was a long term resident and a real handsome fellow. He was one of the cats for whom I made a special perfume and it proved to be very very popular when it was released and every year afterwords.

Tyrone will be available at Possets for two weeks and after that it will be retired. It’s one of our traditions at Possets and if you want to find out more, visit the site or the forum (there is a link to the forum from the nav bar on the site).

Ohio Alleycat Resource is the charity which I work with at Possets. They are so dedicated and so humble about their care for all of the cats and kittens in their charge. They are a no-kill shelter and operate a spay and neuter clinic in Cincinnati. A very worthy cause.

The second piece of good news i