Happy New Year! And Dark Matter Chapter 9 Is Up!

Isabella was promised by the Fertility Goddess in her dream that the ways of the ancient religions of Malta would be revealed to her. They are. Isabella will now find out what caused the odd cart tracks which scar the landscape of the island of Malta. There are two new perfumes to go with the story, a new Cambienne and a very special and unusual one called Gravity.

Take a look at the story. I have provided you a synopsis at the beginning so that you can catch up with the action, and there is a place to go to read the entire story up to the latest chapter!

And, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO US ALL!! It has been a revved up time with a great deal of happiness. It ends with a dream, or does it begin with a dream? Yes, it does.

Dark Matter Chapter 9 Hint

And just who are these people and what are they doing in a story about a 19th century woman who has crossed the line of propriety? We shall soon see in Possets’ serialized novelette, Dark Matter. Chapter 9 appears tomorrow, and on every Friday thereafter.

Isabella has an encounter with some mighty strange folk who show her exactly what the temples and “cart tracks” were all about. Come along for this pre-historical lesson. You won’t find anything like it anywhere else.

The Penultimate Day of 2010

It is the next to last day of 2011. Kind of a bittersweet time. On one hand it’s almost the end of the holidays, that time which we have been preparing for for over a month. Now it’s come and gone almost. New Years is a wonderful and hopeful time, and the nostalgia of looking back over another year in our history is as peculiar as the passage of time.

Back in the days of the Romans, the turning of the year was celebrated by opening up the gates of the temple of Janus (from which our name of January is taken). Janus was the dual faced god, one face looking forward and one backward. I think he was a perfect figure for the idea of the passage of time. The temple was opened at times of the new year, and war!

Tomorrow I am planning to put the next chapter of Dark Matter up! That comes along with a new fragrance, too! Look for it.

Oh Funque!

Do you realize that there are jolly few days left in 2010? Sure seems like this year nipped along furiously, doesn’t it? I bet you are secretly coming up with your 2011 resolutions, and one of those is going to the gym more frequently and working out. Great! That is a great topic for January, a great topic for Possets to pursue.

I am preparing an informational set called Facts about Funk. What makes up the “work out” smell, where does it come from and what can you do about it? Tune into Possets and find out. There will be a short video, a podcast, and an in-depth blog about what makes up that stinky smell and how you can avoid it. So, after going through the Possets’ informational blast about bad smells, you can smell good and be confident as you work out and become super-fit. You have to know your enemy.

When you go whirling by in Zumba! class you want to leave a trail of something fine not funky in your wake. That is why I will be debuting Fitness Fragrances! Trust me, they will find a good home in your gym bag and on your dressing table. And I have a bunch of tips on staying fresh and odor free, too. So, tune in.

Weightlifting Day

Today is weightlifting day. I find weightlifting to be a meditative activity, you are quite alone with yourself and doing something so basic that if you concentrate on it, you can really understand your body in ways that are difficult otherwise. The mere act of hoisting a large weight over your head is a lot like chanting or praying. I don’t have a good explanation for that thought, I suppose that you just have to do it and then you can understand what I mean by that. The isolation in the midst of a crowded class is a strange feeling as well. Everyone has their eyes forward and seem to be marshaling into themselves in order to preform the next task. I suspect that it’s the concentration you have to exert in order to do your best, and the series of actions you have to do in order to prepare and execute. There is a sort of Western ritual you do before you start: get out the blocks, perch the bench on them, cover with a pad, get your weights (this varies as to how long you have been doing this), choose your pole and get the clips. Arrange it all in whatever pattern makes it easier for you to change up in the middle of your class. Start.

We start off with warm ups, then directly into a series of lifting exercises where we do the classic “clean and press” which is taking the weight up over our heads. Sometimes we are required to do this over and over, up to 6 times in one memorable occasion. I don’t remember this as being particularly difficult (though I am sure it was) but it was more in balancing the time you had to do it. Up, pause, down (pay attention to your muscles and how they unfold and take themselves back to their original shape), hang the whole thing down for a split second, back up again defying gravity, over your head and feel your elbows settle down on your upper arm bones, back down. Do all this very close to your body. Pay attention to every aspect of it.

Maybe that is the key, the attention you have to pay to it all, you are fully aware in one sector of your life, aided by your monkey instincts, for one brief second you feel like the most able and victorious of people. Maybe that is the reason you keep coming back to it. The fabulous illusion of invincibility.

Post Christmas

It seems like there is a special and wonderful time after Christmas when the lights and ornaments are up but there isn’t any anxiety about it all, and you can just relax and happily contemplate your surroundings. This is that time. My part of the city is one of the best places for that. It’s not the most chic or expensive but it is full of sincerity and the happiness from people who know how to celebrate holidays well. Sometimes all I can do is to contemplate the idea that life is good and just enjoy. That is what I most like to do during the week between Xmas and New Years.

A Great Invention

I splurged a couple of months ago. I bought a lipstick from Chanel and I felt that the color would be so perfect on me. It was good, it was a tap too bright and too light but it was good and I wore it.

But then tragedy struck! One fine day I took the tube out of my purse and noticed that there was a lot of old lipstick smeared on either side of the tube liner. Then I realized that my new and lovely and expensive Chanel liptsick had broken! ARGHHHH! I didn’t know how that happened but it was broken off at the base and the cylinder of lipstick was rattling around inside the tube depositing itself all over the inside of the case.

What to do? I could have gotten a lipstick brush and painted it on from the shabby and befouled case. Isn’t that just a stupid trick? Phfffft. But what do you do about it? There must be a cure for this minor problem.

I looked at www.lipstixremix.com and bought a kit. I did exactly what it said to do and the result is now better than the original. It’s pretty easy. You just take out your broken lipstick, put it in a cup and microwave it until it melts. Pour it into the mold and put that in the freezer for about 15 minutes. Pull it out and let it sit at room temp for about 15 minutes and put your case over the end of it and push down then twist up and you are done! The result looked almost perfect! I was beyond pleased.

I took the Chanel lipstick (Rouge Orage) and into the cup it went, along with half of a L’Oreal Nature’s Blush. The top shelf lipstick (which sometimes made my lips ‘crawl’), and the department store lipstick (which was such a phffft color but darker and could have toned down the intesity of the Chanel nicely). I put them together and they did a wonderful job! The color I made was so much better for me than the original Chanel color and it felt better on my lips. I even had some left over which I can make another lipstick out of.

I did one more and got the same sort of a result using two other lipsticks. The resulting blend was a great deal better on me than the originals. the lipstick looks great and is performing amazingly well.

The Lipstix Remix site is down though, but write it somewhere and try again later. It is a great product. (I am not affiliated with them in any way other than being a customer and I had a need they helped me with beautifully. So I am saying something).

Stoned on St. Stephen’s Day

I woke up this morning and remembered that it was St. Stephen’s day. He is famous for being the subject of two songs: Good King Wensislaus (…looked out on the feast of Stephen…) and a more rousing song by The Grateful Dead. For years I have wondered what the blazes the attraction of an early martyr was to a band. Well, today it “hit” me. St. Stephen was stoned to death. There, now you have the answer. Gad, I don’t know what took me so long to get that.


All of the last minute shopping is done. All of the things I wanted to have done for my family are done. We have done all the food shopping we needed to do and that is done. Thank God.

Now I might just run away a bit to the office to do a couple of chores you have to do if you run a business. We have a big important dinner this evening. Good times but I am so tired at the moment.

I really want to put up the next chapter of Dark Matter now. I will announce when it is up and ready to read and what schedule I am going to have it come out to.