Into Work and Deck The Halls

This is my first year at the Possetorium (the one on Airport Road) and I want to put up holiday lights, a wreath, and a tree. My landlady is all for it and so I am going to try to break away and put up a few things every day until it is all decorated up. HOWEVER, I do have a lot of work to do and that takes precedence over decor.

Arthur Ganson’s Sculptures

Arthur Ganson is a sculptor who was the artist in residence at MIT! I didn’t know there were artists in residence at MIT but there are. But they have to be special…have to have something to do with engineering and you don’t find that combination in many artists. This is one. Take a look at his site and marvel at the way he makes things move in his kinetic sculpture. I have seen it on exhibition, and it is just as spectacular as you please.

More Creating

I am in the Possetorium creating the second phase of the Yules. I must say, they are going to be very good indeed. I have quite an ambitious idea for this, what fun. Keep your eye peeled.