What A Day

Somehow this day was full of running around and not full of packing and shipping. I ran very low on a lot of my perfumes and had to make more of them. Found one, then another, then another and so one. Yikes. So the day was spent in the Sanctum Sanctorum mixing and cleaning up after mixing and tomorrow will have more packing and shipping.

I am trying to keep up with all the stuff I have gone through during this sale and managed to keep on top of it in the purchasing department (not run out of: boxes, bags, mailing labels, bottles, etc.) but some things are going to run out (have to make more labels of the new things in particular) the perfumes themselves get used up. So, that is how it goes. More tomorrow. The mailman’s chiropractor is now thanking The Almighty for this sale. 🙂


Sunday Sunday Sunday is the last day of the sale. August 1st is the last day of the sale! So if you want to buy Possets with the sale price, buy them today, July 31st and tomorrow August 1st because on Monday it is over. Sunday is the last day of the sale.

The Last Two Days of the 1+1=3 Sale

Today and tomorrow are the last two days to enjoy Possets sale where you buy two bottles and get the third for free. It ends on the stroke of Monday, so on August 2, it’s over. Make your choices and get your orders in before midnight August 1, Sunday. On Monday, it’s over.

This sale is for Classics only, Naturals will have their own 1+1=3 sale later this year.

Please note: The Hypnotic Draught and Virginia sold out and cannot be replenished for this sale due to ingredient shortages. I am working on it and those will come back as soon as I get the ingredients from the suppliers.

Also note that Fireflies will be coming down with the other temporary Seasonal blends from years gone by. Dark Matter blends will be left and continue as Seasonals. Any Questions? Please e-mail me at info@possets.com. Enjoy.

Shipping Again This P.M.

Thanks to the strong response I have been getting from the 1+1=3 sale, I have had to spend a lot of time remixing formulas to be able to fill orders. So my morning has been spent replenishing stock so that I can pack and ship this afternoon. I am keeping up with orders very well, though, thanks to the help of some really good workers and the neat things that a variety of different companies put out to make the packing and shipping exercise much much easier and more efficient. So, onward!


FirefliesThe fireflies are really gone from my backyard now. Alas, they only last for about a month and 2/3. But I am not taking Fireflies down from my site until the end of the sale on August 1. So you have through July 31 to buy Fireflies and then it is gone until next year. However, Crickets are coming with the sale on 100% Naturals, so be aware of good things coming up.