Happy Memorial Day, America!

Possets is wishing you all a great happy long weekend, American Possetiers. I am going to be doing the usual, hanging bunting from my front porch, making treats for the weekend feast. Yes, I am going to be watching the Indy 500, always the Show of Shows. Peonies are blooming and the beer is chilling in the ‘fridge. So, have a good time and welcome the summer.

In the US, it is the unofficial beginning of summer. Technically spring lasts until June 21st BUT really the fun starts now. So, for all the Possetiers who don’t live in the US, this is the truth. I am sure you have something similar.

I kind of consider this the twilight zone between spring and summer. Tuesday is when it really starts for me, the heat and excitement. The leaves have turned mature green, no more tender and overcast April chartreuse. I think that is the only thing I really miss, that wonderful spring green.

So, I hope you have a grand weekend and arrive at Tuesday as bright eyed and ready to tackle a long happy summer.

Gabby Was Adopted!

Ohio Alleycat Resource (OAR) is a great group of people who care for and find homes for scores of feral and abandoned cats. They really work hard to that end. Every year I make up at least 12 perfumes in honor of long term residents of OAR. When one of the cats is adopted, I bring back their honorary perfume for about 2 weeks and then retire it forever. I also bring out a special perfume called Forever Home to go with it. Forever Home only appears when a cat is adopted.



This time Gabby found her forever home and now her perfume is taking its last canter around the track and will be put away in honor of the event. Gabby is a very sweet, honey-like fragrance which lasts a long time and was a runaway favorite when it was introduced two or so Halloweens ago on Possets. And don’t forget Forever Home, too. The fragrance of baking sugar buns, tea, and major comfort…it’s what every cat should have in their life, and every good cat owner, too. Both of these will be available until about June 12th. Gabby will not appear again unless I decide to have another Retour (which is a special event where every perfume I have ever made reappears for a specified time, this is a rare event though).

Thinking About Vanilla and Labels

One of the most popular fragrances is vanilla. People can’t get enough of its smooth goodness. One of the first primitive perfumes I heard of was for ladies to put vanilla extract behind their ears to make them smell good enough to eat. I should do a series about vanilla. I think there are a few surprises out there for you to discover about this favorite of yours from your childhood.

Oh, by the way, I went through the torture test on the new labels with the Possets Minister of Finance (who keeps on saying things like,”They are more expensive, do we really need them?” Well, even he was surprised. They were very water and oil resistant. Yes, you could ruin the labels if you tried very hard, but merely getting a small oil spill on them didn’t wreck the. They still looked good and wiped clean. They took ink like no other label has either so the images and writing stayed crisp and saturated. Very nice. So, we are going to get the new labels on bottles of Possets as soon as I decide if we want glossy or matte.

So, go to the forum and vote on which finish you want on the new labels.

We will not get the new labels on Poppets. To successfully label a Poppet, you have to have the stiffness of paper and the new labels are a bit too relaxed to be used for that task. I think you will be pleased.

Possets Blog on RSS Feed

I have been asked how to get Possets’ Blog on RSS feed. Simple. There is a little box in the upper right hand corner of this page and says “Posts” and has a little ray-like icon next to it. Click that and you will will get a pop up box which says “Subscribe With Live Bookmark” and offers to name the bookmark “The Possets Blog”. It offers to save it in the folder “Bookmarks Toolbar” and I save it there. I have my bookmarks toolbar live all the time and you will see Possets Blog on your toolbar. When you click it you will get a list of the last 5 blogs I have put out, and a couple of other options. Very handy. I have an RSS feed on every site that offers them which deals with subjects I am interested in. Very handy. I can see at a glace if a new blog has been posted and go right to it. Of course, it’s free.