Almost Up To Date With Shipping

After a full day yesterday, and an assist from a helper, I am almost caught up with the shipping. That’s good because now I can concentrate on the suprises coming up that I keep on alluding to. I want them to be perfect so I have to prepare them well first.

The weather here is perfect. The last day of April is usually a sad time for me becuase I think of April as being one of the most beautiful months of all. The green is the shade that I wish leaves would be, the air is perfectly cool and dry, there are flowers everywhere and that is the way it should stay. There are pleasures from other months of the year, but I must confess that April and October are my favorites.

Packing and Shipping

That is what I am doing today and I have the sweetest bird singing like mad outside my window. I was going to listen to music while I did my tasks, and now I have been provided with some of the sweetest music ever. It’s a stunning day here with a perfect periwinkle blue sky, light chartreuse green trees and perfect 60 degree F weather.

One Step Forward…

Three steps backward. I am home and the person who was going to help me out has a sick child and can’t make it. I was all set to start shipping when I found out: 1) I had received an order of plants a week ago and they were waiting for me to pick them up at the central post office, 2) my e-mail system went down on my phone and I had to get that fixed, 3) my husband called and a dear old friend is in town for a couple of hours and wants to have lunch with us, 4) I found a few type-o’s on my website and had to clean them up, 5) the Poppets lady arrived with a pile of Poppets and I had to tell the world about which ones I have now, 6) one of my vendors decided to go ahead and make Possets body butters and scrubs and that was a surprise so I have to now tell the world because I do want everyone to know and, and, and…more stuff which has to be done right away. I am shipping! I am! 🙂

Zounds! I Am Back!

Hard to believe that I am back but I am back.Able to sleep in my own bed. Home looks great to me. Ahhh.

But wait! I am back and therefore I do have a passle of things to catch up on and I have the next phase to put into reality, not just keep talking about.

Mon Dieu! What fun. I have a helper coming in tomorrow to assist with the packing and shipping and then, onward (as I pack and ship too).

It feels like the fog and pall is lifting and things are really bright for a nice change. I think this is going to continue!

Heading for Home…

I have been away for about two weeks visiting family and friends. It has been a good time, a warm time and one which makes me sad to think it is coming to an end. I have missed my work but have been doing a lot of refining my latest ideas for Possets, getting them ready, writing about what I want to do and then writing to myself about how I am going to do it all. The whole thing is going to take about a month to get put together and I do think it will be worth it. This is going to be the last blog for a couple of days as I wend my way back to the Possetorium and back to work. No internet necessarily where I am going but I do have a pencil and paper and have been working while others have been looking out the window and daydreaming. There will be more later. I hope that you are looking forward to it as much as I am.