The Window at the Possetorium

The Window

The Window at the Possetorium

This is an image which goes with The Door. I have two wonderful stained glass windows in the new Possetorium and this one just looked so lovely yesterday I had to photograph it and offer it to you as the companion piece to The Door I took on Monday. I don’t know how I got lucky enough as to find this place for my perfume company, but it is perfect for the Possetorium, it’s almost supernatural. The move day was the same way, everything turned out picture perfect. There is still lots to do to settle in, but much has been accomplished so far behind the scenes to make sure that Possets is strong and responsive to customers and offering total quality for value, and that it runs smoothly and with the most reliable systems out there. It’s great to see how all the pieces are fitting together. So, the window. It’s there for inspiration, rest, peace, and joy.

There is a lot left to do before I can declare we are settled in, but the potential…it is almost inexhaustible. That is a great feeling, that there is a limitless creative field out there to let you play in and you are supposed to be playing there—that is your job! Wow, I think it doesn’t get better than that.

So, keep your eye peeled as Possets enters its second phase. I was so proud of the Valentines Possets, they came out the way I wanted them to a tee. And Spring is a time of great creativity to me (and a lot of other people) so this should be a great batch coming out next, too.

The Next Move for Possets

OK, did the move, caught up on shipping, what is next? Plentah! I just installed a software program which allows me to ship to my friends overseas and get the customs form and the shipping label printed out of my computer and I can just plop it all in the mailbox and off it goes! Quick, easy FIRST CLASS INTERNATIONAL, darlings, so you get perfect Possets service as cheaply as possible! I am in heaven!

Ooo. Then it’s on to a long grind with the inventory (i have to inventory what I have and make sure it is right as I put away all the essential oils and resins in my collection….seems like a great time to do that). Plotting my next set of Possets for springtime (when oh when oh when will that be???? As soon as I get all my things in place at the Possetorium and get over the move, sweeties…that is still a while away—be sure to have signed up for the e-mail announcement list so you will be the first to know).

A final cleaning of the whole place (moving is a dirty business but you don’t want to clean until it’s over). Then it’s true showtime! I am keeping notes of things I want to do as I go along. I get inspired by the darnedest things and that has to be written down as it happens.

So there is more. Alas, more of the aftermath of moving BUT that is all laying a good foundation for more Possets for you at wayyyyy reasonable prices for more fun. Oh, and I have to fit a new podcast or two into the mix, a new YouTube with my new old camera (I bought a 1 gig memory stick for it and it has a lot of capacity for videos now). So, stay tuned!!!!

Possets Shipping Is All Caught Up!

OK, Possets has shipped out every single one of the orders which came in during the move. We are totally caught up!

Possets Is Shipping Again!

Yes, we are in business once again. There, that wasn’t a big bad delay after all. Just needed to label everything before setting off and then unpack what you need right off the bat and start shipping. Should be caught up by tomorrow. Next phase: the new and improved shipping method wherein Possets can print the labels for our foreign customers and print them out and merrily toss them in the outbound for your postal pleasure. Mmmm.

Possets Will Commence Shipping Tomorrow

After a few knots which needed untangling, I can say with great confidence that Possets will resume shipping tomorrow!

1st Day @ The New Possetorium

Spent the day unpacking and organizing things. Poppets poppets poppets! I put them all carefully in baggies and now I am putting them in their individual “nests” in their new home. Just making sure that the boxes are put in one area when emptied, unpack the Possets that are permanent and Valentines, make sure the wi fi connection works well, sort out and put away the labels and all sorts of things. It’s fun to set up shop again and finally put the finishing touches on the organization of the next few years.

This was such a right move. The place is sunny, the floor is level (the Pendleton sloped down and made you seasick), there is no brick dust raining down on me and I don’t have to cover up my desk and mixing tools when I leave. It’s warm in the winter and I just love it.

There is a railroad track outside my window and I can hear the trains going by slowly. Real interesting. I love trains. The rustling hum and clang. Then there are the airplanes taking off sometimes (they are actually very quiet but you can see them out of some of the windows). And the occasional concrete truck goes by. It is a bustle.

The Door

The Door out of my studio and into the Possetorium.

The Door

On a whim, I decided to take a few photos of my last studio at the Pendleton. Most of them were just snaps, but this one had a bit of the lyrical to it, so I thought I would offer it up to you. Looks a bit like going from the darkness into the light, and it looks like going into something open from someplace closed.It’s just a phone picture, but it says a lot about the emotion of leaving one phase of your life and how the next phase looks to you before you fully step into it. There may be even the slightest breath of the spiritual about it. It was a good day.

A Very Good Interview

I am on a kick about Shepard Fairey because I love his work (as a Roy Lichtenstein fan) and because I am mad at myself for missing his opening at the Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center. Here is a very interesting interview with him in LA.