victoryOK, I thoroughly trashed the “fitness” drinks so popular out there. Take that, Gatorade! So, what do I drink when I am hauling around the 32 oz. Nalgene cask on the gym floor? Water? Well…I get so very bored with water. I need something to perk me up and want to drink more BUT I don’t want the calories or extra caffeine of “sports” drinks. What do I do? There are loads of great options, better than sugary drinks, for sure.

The first thing you have got to do is brake yourself of the habit of having to have something sweet in your drink. If you can get off the sugar/artificial sweetener cycle, then you will be 10000% better off. You can enjoy simpler things which won’t contribute to hunger or fatigue. I just got tired of trying to find an artificial sweetener which wasn’t too sweet or too scary. Even stevia would get out of hand or be mixed with goodness knows what. Buying sweeteners, storing them, and getting tired of them was a constant go-round for me. I finally just said,
“I am giving them up!” and that was a great leap forward for me. What do I recommend for a non-sweet workout drink which rehydrates you, isn’t too expensive, you won’t get tired of, and is actually good for you?

Try squeezing a lemon in your water. This is a wonderfully refreshing alternative to artificial flavors, it’s much cheaper than sports drinks, and it’s far better for you. Tastes great.

I got into tea in a big way. I used to hate tea, it was tannic and blah and not half as exciting as coffee. One day, I decided to try putting several green teabags in a big jug of water in my fridge, along with a couple of camomile teabags, and peach passion. I let it steep overnight and put it in my water bottle. Eureka! It was great! That slight puckery tartness  hit the spot after a heavy exertion. Instead of making me want to sit down and do nothing, I wanted to get back up and get at it! I was nicely hydrated and ready for action. So, green tea and other natural flavors is a quick and easy way to make a sports drink which will do you some good. Green tea has a lot of antioxidents, and if you don’t like the grassy flavor, just add something which is more flavorful to make the brew really good. Lemon Zinger, Chai, Vanilla Tea, Rioboos, and mint are all flavors which come to mind.

So, don’t settle for “sports drinks” or only water, live a little! Tea based fitness drinks are easy to make and good for you while making you feel like a million!

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