After you have successfully rimmed your eyes, you need to stand back and assess how your face looks with those intriguing eyes. Most likely you will realize that your brows now look like they are disappeared! You have placed the emphasis squarely on your eyes and the rest of your face is lost! It’s easy to bring it all back into balance, simple darken your eyebrows! Voila, instant beauty back again. I even have to do that and I have black eyebrows naturally! But they are not black enough to compete with those kohl rimmed eyes.

I use an angled eye shadow brush and a pressed black eyeliner which I got years ago. It was a Shisedo eyeliner duo in brown and black. The black isn’t too too intense and so I keep a semblance of subtlety to it all. I have seen women who really go after their brows and make them dark and very very defined and gotten away with it. You have to experiment but you will find your own balance here. But do give that a try and see what a difference it makes.

If you are light haired and your brows are light, too, do try and darken them just a bit with either a dark desaturated brown color, or a grey. I really don’t think blonds with rust colored eyebrows are attractive, and just about every professional eyebrow compact puts some oddly reddish hue in there which looks good on no one.

More later. In the meantime, come and play on the Possets Perfume site. We are celebrating ancient Egypt in the Egyptian Evenings Collection!

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