janusangelsWe all love lavender, but for the love of Pete…PLEASE stop with the amateur lavender blends made by professionals. Please. There is nothing in the world as cloying as a badly made lavender blend, and it is subtle and revolting. Let me explain.

Two nights ago I was at a Black Friday sale at about 11 p.m. I was standing in line by a display of Obsession and all its spin-offs. There was one for men and I thought I would try it out and see if my husband would like it. I sprayed it on, and here is the “magic” of bad lavender. At first I was charmed, but this sensation was quickly followed by stomach turning revulsion. I wiped my hand off and hoped I would not get the nausea I usually get when I encounter Bad Lavender. This was Bad Lavender.

Most people think of lavender as being one of the eternally upbeat and healthy elements of smell. No, it’s not. If you are using a substandard type of lavender (and there are a million grades of it from a plethora of places) it can be just about the most disgusting stuff you can smell. So, inferior grade is a big culprit, probably the biggest one. Counter intuitively, I find that the lavenders which tend to cumarin (vanilla) scents are the most tolerable, and those which tend to the middle area (between vanilla and turpentine) to be the least.

There are times when I have smelled someone’s earnest attempt at perfumery, especially Natural perfumery, and they are always experimenting with lavender and they always seem to make the same perfume. It carries the same characteristics: really nice at first followed by a ghastly turn off. It can be great mixed with: pepper, vanilla, sandalwood, and the like but look out….it can go bad really quick. To be fair, as I have alluded to, even the big perfume houses make a dreadful concoction at times, and I suspect that it is due to inferior ingredients or even using artificial lavender scent/simulacra. Ew, just ew.

So, I am convinced, lavender is one place you don’t want to skimp. Actually, perfumery is not the place for bargain basement things which twist your hard won recipes into a mess within 2 minutes. It is 100% about how your brain perceives it but the goodness of the components have a lot to do with that.

Possets is famous for its wonderful lavender blends. Yes, we start with excellent ingredients, but we have had more than just a bit of experience, and it shows. Come on over for a visit and take a look for yourself. There is a “scent by note” link you can click on the left hand side of the screen and bring up all our delightful lavender blends. I think you will be pleased. Http://www.possets.com

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