Now that jury duty is over and my relatives have gone home, my computer ceased to function. Well, that is not the thing that you want to have happen and so I had to go out and get a new one. I got an HP 210 mini and it does everything I need for the daily communications with you all. Then I have the one in the Possetorium for heavy lifting. The prices have gone down immensely for the minis and that is really all I need. Good times. But I had to spend a little time setting it up. A very little time, a surprising little time.

Back to the Possetorium today and create. I am pretty much caught up with packing and shipping so you Possetiers should be getting your parcels soon. I have two “maverick” fragrances I am going to be making and introducing. It’s not Halloween yet to me, and I like to savor the end of summer and ease into the witchy times of fall. But late summer is so sweet and poignant that you don’t want to ignore it. Back to school, crickets chirping, tall dark green grasses, the sun is still strong and warm but the heavy humidity of July is over and now it’s a thoroughly beautiful long blue sky day. The kids are back in school around here for part of the day, and you have a little bit of time to yourself. Late summer, it’s delightful.

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