OK, to continue the saga of discovery of The Perfect Waterliner Eyeliner: I finally managed to apply classic waterline (powdered with a sharp stick) eyeliner to my eyes in the classic manner. How is that? Take the sharp black stick after you have dipped it in the kohl bottle and tapped off the excess, lay it on the inner corner of your eye, close your eye and “zip” it across. Almost like putting on lipstick. I actually did it! It works so well because it is coloring the top and the bottom of your waterline at the same time. If you look closely you might find spots where you are not as highly pigmented. Go back and give yourself a touch up with the side of the stick. Also, there is a lot less powder fallout from this method than any other I have tried.

This is the only and I mean only kohl which has stayed on the waterline of my eyes all day long. I have tried every other form of kohl known to woman and none of them stay on for more than an hour. NONE! Pencils are a joke on my waterline, waterproof eyeliner stings and can get messy (creeping out of the eye and onto the face and you are helpless if you blink from the stinging).

I can’t tell you how proud I am of myself. Never thought I would get up the nerve and exhibit the skill it took to line my eyes old school.

The eyes

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