At long last I have gotten the spring lineup done and ready for unveiling at Possets. There are sweet candy scents, grown up beautiful lady perfumes, funny things to make you chuckle, and a brand new Cambienne which is there to celebrate my new Possets home. I am featuring the works of Samuel Pepys as a companion piece to this collection of Possets,for obvious reasons. Take a look at the site and you will see why.

I am pretty proud of the timeframe it took to get the spring line done and back on stream as a going concern after going through a huge move and a lot of transformations over the past month. Yes, it has only been a month since I bid goodbye to the studio and hello to The Possetorium.

So, take a look at the site and see what you think. Let me know on the forum or write to me here and I will respond. I might just talk a bit about the lead image from the site this time (it’s the background on the Spring page), Bacchus and Ariadne by Titian. Yes, I have an art historical opinion on it, too, and there is more to this painting than you might think!


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