MedusaOnce or twice I was solemnly told that nothing at all went on in art south of Rome during or after the Renaissance. Wrong, very wrong. You will be delighted to know that there is a whole wonderful world waiting for you to discover it!

In the next few weeks I am going to discuss one of the things I am very good at: art history. I hope you will come along for this amusing ride through the marks left behind by people who have been a part of the Sicilian story.

Oh, and there will be at least one H-bomb comment which is guaranteed to raise hackles. I am not backing down. I have categorically discovered a serious flaw in a hallowed painter’s technique which I have not seen discussed anywhere and I have taken some major heat for even bringing it up. Stay tuned.

Art is one of my favorite topics and I have done a lot of thinking and practicing about it. Sicily is just full of surprising masterpieces of which you have never heard and (in many cases) which you have never seen BUT that will all be remedied in this blog.

(The picture for this blog is Caravaggio’s Medusa, the face is supposed to be that of Caravaggio himself).

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