An antique perfume bottle, the lower part is a bottle and so is the bird on the top, its topknot is a stopper.

An antique perfume bottle, the lower part is a bottle and so is the bird on the top, its topknot is a stopper.

I officially started Possets Perfume and I got my first order over the internet, someone had found my website by accident and decided to give it a try. As I was wrapping the bottle for shipment that afternoon in early August, I felt an odd sensation in my leg. Very odd. I dropped off my parcel at the post office and went to the doctor to investigate. Next scene was the emergency room of Good Samaritan Hospital.

I had generated a “big bloodclot” in my left leg! I was kept a couple of days for observation and nothing was observed. However, this made a huge change in my lifestyle and a devotion to physical fitness which as become my hobby, much to the relief of my internist and family. My life really did begin with a bloodclot. It was a wakeup call, the message was, “Do what you really want to do, not what others think you should do. You do not have eternity to play around.”

One of the funny things about this was my doctor prescribed coumarin for my bloodclot. Now, coumarin is a very famous perfuming ingredient! I had no idea it was a medicine. My doctor, on the other hand, was well aware of coumarin’s medicinal value but had no idea it was a perfuming ingredient! On one of my follow ups I mentioned this amusing detail and it became part of her class, as she teaches Medicine at University of Cincinnati! On another follow-up visit, I brought her a vial of coumarin, perfumers’ coumarin. She honestly had no idea it has a scent. We did talk about where you would find it in the wild. There are 42 species of plants which generate coumarin, the most famous being Tonka bean, ferns, and sweet woodruff. It has been used to flavor wine, May Wine in Germany in particular. Since it is an anti-coagulant, its use has been discontinued in foodstuff, so no more Tonka tea and I have not seen German May Wine in years.

I kind of thought it was a Grand Irony that I was made to take one of the most famous and ubiquitous perfuming ingredients as a medicine.

This is part of a series of essays about the origins of Possets Perfume. It is written to go with the Retour event which is going on now at Possets where Fabienne, the perfumer, re releases all of the perfumes she has ever made for two weeks. All of the scent which were in past seasonal collections can be re bought and stocked up now. It is being sold in 6, 10, 15, and 30 ml bottles so you can keep yourself in your favorite Posset forever. Go there and see for yourself!

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